Aedi - Ha Ta Ka Pa - album cover


01. Animale
02. Idea
03. Rabbit On The Road
04. Fohn
05. Nero
06. Tomasz
07. Yaca
08. Prayer Of Wind
09. The Sound Of Death

AEDI are strange and so is their new album Ha Ta Ka Pa. Their sound describes a spiritual world, combining sweetness and punk attitude, technique and cacophony, ethereal melodies and blood rhythms. A meeting of reminiscences that show the adrenaline sould of North European music and shortens the gap with the scene of Brookly, New York.

The band itself calls their music “satanic folk”. In fact, the only thing that is satanic about Ha Ta Ka Pa is that you cannot get out these crazy melodies and cacophonies out of your head for hours, days and maybe even weeks. It is more alternative folk music with a touch of punk that AEDI play. Ha Ta Ka Pa is an album that every open minded person should give a listen. So if you consider yourself a person like this, then hit the play button below and make sure that even if your do not like the sound at the first listen, to listen to it again. At the third listen at the latest you will find the special beauty behind AEDI sound. Promised.