It is no secret that fragility, thoughtful atmospheres and epic soundscapes make Nothing But Hope And Passion. This mixture often can be found in postrock – at least to some extend. Right now there are tons of postrock-bands out there – some are great, some are nice, some are boring and many give you the feeling you heard these melodies already somewhere else. But from time to time there are bands and releases that simply won’t leave you for days, weeks, months…

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I felt exactly this way with THE SHAKING SENSATIONS‘ latest album East Of Youth – which came out last year (in June in their home-country Denmark and in September in the UK). When I stumbled upon this album sometime in October I was like “what the heck? this is awesome.” and I listened to the album again and again and again.

If you like instrumental music that takes you right to the border of fragility, where you think that you will be lost if you only take one more step. Where you wait for the moment when someone comes and saves. Then you should definitely give this album a listen. THE SHAKING SENSATIONS will not only will bring you to that point, they will even shake you up at the right moment and bring you back to life. This album is catharsis and catharsis is what we need in times like these…


THE SHAKING SENSATIONS [one_half last=”no”]

postrock from Copenhagen, Denmark

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