Photo by Madelien Waegemans

Recently AMATORSKI were working on the soundtrack of the Dutch movie ‘In Jouw Naam’ (In Your Name), by director MARCO VAN GEFFEN and the day after tomorrow they will finish their first little tour around German Clubs. The name of the Belgian foursome has a Polish origin and means “amateur”. The sequel after the band’s debut Same Stars We Shared is AMATORSKI‘s second release named TBC, which does not seem dilettantish at all. In comparison to the first short work of art with only four songs, TBC displays definitely more gloomy diversity and less child-like innocence.

amatorski - tbc - album cover


01. Fading
02. Soldier
03. Never Told
04. Peaceful
05. 22 Februar
06. Annar Logi
07. 8 November
08. Cheapest Soundtrack

As a matter of fact, TBC contains 8 tracks (including the 3:45minutes hidden track) which were recorded in Gent and mixed in London by DARREN ALLISON who also produced BELLE AND SEBASTIAN and EFTERKLANG. The opener introduces us to a new part of the world of AMATORSKI. During the first 2:39 only delightful, nostalgic sounds of a music box dance around the listeners ears. At this point, one could assume that INNE EYSERMANS, SEBASTIAAN VAN DEN BRANDEN, HILKE ROS and CHRISTOPHE CLAEYS build on their former concept. But then pulsing drum-kicks break the murmuring atmosphere and herald the start of the second, powerful Track Soldier. The fragile voice of Inne Eysermans sings of lost battles, waiting and leaving. Her words are borne by impressive instrumental arrangements fused with elements of trip-hop. Peaceful, the fourth song of TBC, begins entirely different. Much clearer and without the initial, lovely dust of the interaction of bell-like sounds and strings. Therefore guitar and piano reserve the leading position and only when the song approaches the end the mawkish melodies join them again for reaching the climax altogether. After an abrupt ending there are two songs following that are exactly dated: 22 Februar and 8 November. The wispy voice seems to wait for love, quietly and longing. In doing so, she gets lost in disorientation:

Try to stay in all the ways / praying god to draw a trace / help me baby where to go / I am stranded on my own

The Cheapest Soundtrack closes TBC with a droning and tired music box which strength fails slowly until it finally falls silent.