Photo by Lauren Bailey

Tanner Volz or better known as ANKLEBITER, long-time member of the electronic band ML, released his new record Raintree in May at Tympanik Audio. It is the third album of the independent musician, photographer and videographer from Portland, Oregon, after I will wait and the remixes of Queue, which were both released at the Chicago-based music label.

Tanner Volz with his roots in synth pop and industrial takes you into his world of melancholy. He creates his own typical space, filled up with little noisy sounds, brilliant and sad melodies, topped of with impelling and sometimes exceptional beats.

But the icing on the cake is Tanner Volz coming along with some well-known musicians in his coat-tails. Projects like THE OO-RAY, ERODE and C.DB.SN left their traces on Raintree. Also one of his companions of ML, Laird Sheldahl, featured the song Nested, which is one of the album’s highlights.

I like the whole mixture of the record. In some cases rough beats don’t leave you alone, but songs like The lazy pioneers or Raintree, that is featured by THE OO-RAY, let you plunge into a soundscape with tender and sad cello melodies. As mentioned before, Alexander Dietz with his project ERODE contributes his typical gloomy and special atmosphere to the song Feature Creep.

Raintree has an alluring, dark undercurrent but it leaves a spark of hope with tiny glittering melodies. So take your time and let yourself get dragged under, but don’t forget to come up again.


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from Portland, US


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