The Danish Wunderkind

„He is the long lost son of Jackson and Schubert. A strange hybrid – the missing link.” The official biography of Denmarks pop sensation ASBJØRN arises high expectations – and his debut Sunken Ships not only fulfills them, it brings you more than expected. The 19 year old singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Århus, Denmark, worked for two years on his debut album Sunken Ships. In the tradition of contemporary pop producers, he creates soulful patterns of sound pieces, using all kinds of instruments and machines to produce complex and floating soundscapes. Fragile, melancholic and never just straight to the beat, his songs are landscapes to drown in and discover new details every time you go there.

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We met ASBJØRN at this year’s Spot Festival in his hometown and he took his time to explain his approach to music. He connects the classical music world where he grew up with contemporary pop music and moreover creates his very own interpretation of modern music. He is of the strong opinion that creating music is a process that needs time and space. ASBJØRN took that time and the impressive album reflects that. His voice, not only used for lead vocals but also as an instrument, tells stories about how he sees the world. Stunning, how deep and reflected not only the music, but also the melancholic lyrics of this young man are. In the interview, which will be online soon, we met a humble young musician, who knows what he wants and impressed us by his musical genius. Also at Spot Festival we witnessed his acclaimed live performance. On stage, all sounds are played live – no backing tracks, no cheating. ASBJØRN is supported by four musicians, altogether studying at the music conservatorium in Århus.

With the single The Criminal, ASBJØRN presents his sense for the big hit as well as his interpretation of style and expression. Throughout the album, he also shows much more of the fragile side in his work. Fragility is to me one of the main terms when describing ASBJØRN music. Vulnerable sound collages struggle to survive against the hard winds of life. With this emotional journey, ASBJØRN songs reach out to grab your heart. And there is no way out.


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from Århus, Denmark


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