In this time the last long rays of sunshine warm up our hearts and souls before the cold and rainy autumn arrives us. So it can’t be a better moment that the American indie rock institution BAND OF HORSES delights us with their new album Mirage Rock.
Already in July the guys from Seattle knocked on our doors with the first single off this album. The track is a typical BAND OF HORSES way to say „Hey folks, we’re back“ after the last high-flying release Infinite Arms in 2010.

Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock - album cover


01. Knock Knock
02. How to Live
03. Slow Cruel Hands Of Time
04. A Little Biblical
05. Shut-In Tourist
06. Dumpster World
07. Electric Music
08. Everything’s Gonna Be Undone
09. Feud

The guys around singer Ben Bridwell surprise us with their newest outcome. They aren’t already musicians they have to reinvent themselves with every new album. And so Mirage Rock isn’t a blast like Infinite Arms, it’s more a coming back to the roots. This album sounds more like americana and folk, but it has his moments, where it still rocks. A reason for that sound is the choice to produce the record with Glyn Johns, who also worked together with BOB DYLAN, THE BEATLES and THE WHO. Solely there are guitar, bass and drum sounds, no more, no less. Also the kind of recording process was more the old school way. But one is clear, it isn’t a retrograde step of the band. Mirage Rock rather shows, that rock music can be done in this long-established manner with influences of americana, folk and one or another country-like melody. The result sounds absolutely refreshing and in a very simple way as a classical rock album. I can very well imagine hearing that record in ten years, when I will sit in a car and heading to holidays.
Songs like A little Biblical and Electric Music are tailor-made for a sunny days, so as to wind down the windows and sing out loud the lyrics.
The first single Knock Knock and the track Feud are two songs, which are more reminiscent of the last album Infinite Arms. But tracks like Slow Cruel Hands of Time and Dumpster World shows that the HORSES are now one step ahead. There are no big technical and musical ornamentations. Pure indie rock songs. Nevertheless if you listen to this 12 songs, you always hear that this is BAND OF HORSES. With their voices they take over our hearts, as they have done with their last album.
Finally the last song Heartbreak on the 101 is one of my favourites. Here they yet again allow some strings in the background and it fits perfectly. Well, to be honest, songs about this tragic feeling with the voice of Ben Bridwell are just these songs, which we need.
All in all BAND OF HORSES give us a new album, that will warm up our hearts and souls and hopefully, will be in our minds for a long time.

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indie / folk
from Seatle, USA


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