Biffy Clyro 2013

You are pretty bored of all this ‘guitar bands are coming back / guitar bands aren’t coming back’ nonsense that’s been floating round the media recently, aren’t you? Although, there is at least one good example for a guitar band that has been sticking around for years and years. Yes, we’re talking about our hairy Glaswegian friends from BIFFY CLYRO. Welcome back!

Biffy Clyro 2013 - album cover

Biffy ClyroOpposites

The Sand at the Core of Our Bones

01. Different People
02. Black Chandelier
03. Sounds Like Balloons
04. Opposite
05. The Joke’s On Us
06. Biblical
07. A Girl and His Cat
08. The Fog
09. Little Hospitals
10. The Thaw

The Land at the End of Our Toes

01. Stingin’ Belle
02. Modern Magic Formular
03. Spanish Radio
04. Victory Over the Sun
05. Pocket
06. Trumpet or Tap
07. Skylight
08. Accident Without Emergency
09. Woo Woo
10. Picture a Knife Fight

After touring around the world for the last three years the indie rock giants just released their sixth studio album, which is called Opposites. But no folks, this is not your typical album. It is a double concept album, which includes many songs about the band’s experiences of their last tour and their time back home. Its name reflects its program as this 20-pieces work is divided into two albums, that both have very different characters. They might even be considered to be opposing twins. The Sand at the Core of Our Bones talks about past events, things that went wrong and things that are difficult in life, while The Land and the End of Our Toes takes a brighter outlook on the future, on hopes and dreams and on how to take things into your own hands to make life better. And what other picture should the album cover show than the tree that is supposed to depict the oldest living tree in the world? It has strong roots and survived the hardest times, just as BIFFY CLYRO who lived through many ups and downs in their career and still have the energy to keep doing what they love, because they can depend on each other.

Just as we know them, our beardy lads from BIFFY CLYRO bring together a perfect symbiosis of indie rock and a little bit of prog also in their new album without losing their great obsession for harmony. Be prepared for some ‘over the top’ tracks, where none of them is a filler but each and everyone deserves to be part of this ambitious piece of work.

Press play and breathe deeply and slowly. Take your time. This isn’t to be rushed. This is a musical journey. It tells a story, and you need to listen to it from the beginning to the end.



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