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Boys Noize - Ouf Of The Black


BOYS NOIZEOut Of The Black

01. What You Want
02. XTC
03. Missle
04. Ich R U
05. Rocky 2
06. Circus Full Of Clowns (feat. Gizzle )
07. Conchord (feat. Siriusmo)
08. Touch It
09. Reality
10. Merlin
11. Stop
12. Got It (feat. Snoop Dogg)


Sometimes dance music is about efficiency and functionality – and sometimes about aesthetics and and a certain delicate note. Whether you prefer the complex technoid intepretation of FOUR TET over the minimalistic and straight beats from PAUL KALKBRENNER – the groove, the intensity of dance is always the key motivation. It’s the goal – well, even if the roads to achieve this goal are as different as never before in the year 2012. Alex Ridha is probably more a friend of the effective and straight way dance music can choose. It’s not the worst way as his success over the past years shows. Under his alias BOYS NOIZE he became one of Germanys biggest and most important addresses for heavy and acid-driven rave anthems. From a small club to huge arenas – the intensive ‘hands up’-techno of BOYS NOIZE knows his way to make the crowd go crazy. By following the rules of efficiency.

Out Of The Black is the third full length studio longplayer by Ridha, featuring twelve fresh productions. A miracle that he even found time to record these tunes since he seems to permanently tour the whole globe with his massive live show. So, what can we expect from the follow-up to 2009s Power? New directions? Experiments? Surprising elements? Well, the answer is a – quite satisfying – ‘No!’ Alex Ridha actually seems to be in current state where he serves German quality – what you expect is what you get. Or as the opening track proclaims: “This is what you want – this is what you get”. So it’s still the heavy acid-driven analog bass sequences, distorted synthesizers, vocal samples and hard grooving beats. A balance between over-the-top commercial dance pop and hard underground techno – a path BOYS NOIZE is successfully walking since a couple of years. There are no detours, it’s four-to-the-floor and nothing else.

If you can say it this way, Out Of The Black is probably more ‘back to the roots’ as the last record since it almost sounds as rough as the debut Oi Oi Oi from 2007, although there is Ridhas new liking for hip hop that you clearly see in the track Circus Full Of Clowns featuring GIZZLE and in the closing Got It with the legendary SNOOP DOGG. Sometimes it’s a bit softer like in the DAFT PUNK influenced Reality but in general this is just as bad ass as BOYS NOIZE has always been. This is not like an electronic record by FOUR TET or TRENTEMØLLER which you can listen to alone at your room and listen to all the lovable details – it’s a record for the club, for the excess. It’s hands in the air and ‘going nuts’ and nothing else. And that doesn’t has to be the wrongest concept for a dance record. The goal is achieved and the way towards it was really interesting and entertaining.


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electro / dance
from Berlin, Germany


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