Calexico - Algiers


1. Epic
2. Splitter
3. Sinner in the Sea
4. Fortune Teller
5. Para
6. Algiers
7. Maybe on Monday
8. Puerto
9. Better and Better
10. No Te Vayas
11. Hush
12. The Vanishing Mind

Tucson-bred CALEXICO released their sixth album these days. And with Algiers Joey Burns and John Convertino refine their very own latino indie style once more.
To name some highlights on the sixth CALEXICO album Algiers: Splitter is cool, a relaxed but somehow hard-bitten straight-ongoing piece of nefariousness and exactly the right thing to kick an album off. You can listen to it in its entirety below. Another song you should pay heed to on this album is the folky ballad Fortune Teller, almost with an Irish note walking on the thin line of being drippy or to be just beautiful. I tend to the latter one though. Speaking of drama nothing can beat Para! If a CALEXICO song was ever perfectly supported by horns section it’s definitely this one! Our Robert fittingly described it like that: “I want to walk away, far away. I want to go on a road trip, for months. Maybe even for years. A beautiful songs that makes me feel para, dreaming of places which are far away.” (read here) And there’s nothing to add to these celebrating and true words! This is a song of longing and an unstopable human hunger for being on the move. It’s perfectly suitable that the band continues with a smooth instrumental piece afterwards that cools you down a bit, the title track Algiers, which even comes across with some heavier guitar grooves. Speaking of heaviness: There is almost none on Algiers. Algiers is a bit more subtle and keeps a well balance between some more upbeatish songs and melody-driven ballads.
No, I don’t know if this is the best CALEXICO album ever made so far, but I also think with an established and constantly high-peak material delivering band it is not the question to get better and better with each album. The question is to stand for something. And CALEXICO do. They stand for a distinctive, touchingly warm southern sound that drives the coldness out of your limbs. You can’t go wrong with CALEXICO. Algiers is not a rocker, not a roller. Well, it rolls, but smoooothly and ripe like a juicy grape, sweet and rich. It only waits for you to have a bite…


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alternative / folk
from Tucson, Arizona, USA


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