Christoph Berg - Paraphrases (2012)

CHRISTOPH BERG – Paraphrases

01. Falling Asleep
02. Elegy
03. Poems written for an old (prepared) piano
04. Buildings at night
06. Paraphrases (on vinyl)
07. A small path crossing
08.Quiet times at the library
09. Interlude (remixed by aus)
10. Falling asleep (remixed by P Jørgensen)

At these foggy, grey days CHRISTOPH BERG released his debut album Paraphrases and it couldn’t be a better time for this activity. In the last few years some brilliant young musicians like ÓLAFUR ARNALDS or NILS FRAHM have revive classical music in their own fascinating way. Their works aren’t all new interpretation or recreation of MOZART, BACH and other composers we did know. They create an own world with a special view of this kind of music. It’s more a pure and elemental involvement with sounds and melodies.

And so CHRISTOPH BERG, a composer and sound artist currently living and working in Berlin, get in line with these artists by having written and recordeds his debut longplayer Paraphrases in over more than two years. Only with violin, piano and double bass he composed a quiet and tender soundscape, which will cover you like fog the mountains. Everything seems to be unreal and blurry. But from time to time some sounds like a typing in Poems written by an old (prepared) piano bring us back to reality. This album is a slow movement program for ears, mind and soul and it fits perfectly in these cloudy November days. Each one song of the record is a little world that you can discover, but especially Interlude stands out, with a field recording of cawed crows and the crackle of undergrowth. It’s a sad and melancholy ambience, but at the same time you don’t really know, if you should be scared or easy in one’s mind.

Maybe it isn’t everybody’s taste, because the undertone of the album can be very gloomy. But Paraphrases is a harmonious composition and for all those, who love these tender and sad notes, it’s perfect.


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ambient / experimental / acoustic
from Berlin, Germany


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