The Winchester-based duo DAMN ROBOT!, consisting of the brothers Rob and Tom Honey, once again presents us their mixture of experimental, post-rock, and ambience, blending the three seamlessly to create a unique sound of their own. The new album Jasurp comes along as a combination of instrumental sounds and diverse oral elements, ranging from singing over chanting to recorded voices, presumably being movie excerpts.

The record starts with cheerful melodies in the form of soft chords, accompanied by a melancholic female voice. It’s probably the most harmonious song of the 11-track album, creating peculiar soundscapes from dreamy sceneries to almost nightmare-like atmospheres. However, these sudden changeovers from peaceful melodies to bizarre tunes always go together with the guitar playing sounds full of hope and light that soften the emotional inner monologues.

The record gets more and more diversified, not to say strange, disclosing also rock music parts that are pretty catchy. From time to time, the songs lack some musical background, with the recorded voices taking up the instrumentation almost entirely. At this point it gets a little too weird for my taste, though some repetitive moments proof the coherent idea behind it.

If you’re into experimental songs that give an insight into the twisted minds of artistically skilled musicians, you should definitely sample the album and maybe get lost in the unsteady musical sphere of DAMN ROBOT! . As the two guys don’t take themselves too serious you shouldn’t do so either, but their work is worth a listen nonetheless!


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experimental / ambient / postrock
from Winchester, UK


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