Deftones 2012

Deftones – Koi No Yokan (2012)


DEFTONES – Koi No Yokan

01. Swerve City
02. Romantic Dreams
03. Leathers
04. Poltergeist
05. Entombed
06. Graphic Nature
07. Tempest
08. Gauze
09. Rosemary
10. Goon Squad
11. What Happened To You?


Eleven new anthems for a contemplated generation that learned to turn anger into progression. The DEFTONES didn’t lose an inch of their credibility, 15 years after their first records advanced to the soundtrack for a depressed youth. They grew older as well as their fans and both developed. It’s one of the few bands who manage to unite fans and critics and still following their path without compromise. On Koi No Yokan, the DEFTONES stuck to their trademarks but worked harder on the details. A tradition in the DEFTONES camp.

On the latest release, it’s more second-view harmonies, more innovative riffs and it’s a Chino Moreno being now not only a very characteristic vocalist but in the latest works added a big portion of sovereignty in managing a big variety of singing performance. Koi No Yokan is not the mixture of everything making DEFTONES big, it’s the sum of it. You have neck breakers like Poltergeist, which starts like in the old days but evolves in fragile melodies. Or the driving opener Swere City which flies and pounds at the same time. But it’s the huge emotional songs which stand like walls in rough sea that are more and more characteristic for this band. It’s an equal row of eleven songs best listened to in a whole. You decide if there are not many highlights, or only hits. It’s a pop album covered in aggressive melancholy.

DEFTONES records are always a special pleasure, when it comes to sound. As usual, we are not disappointed this time. It again sounds big, deep, aggressive and ready to drown in. Koi No Yokan proceeds in that trend sounding even more defined and at the same time overrunning the listener with the broadest guitar walls in the genre. You can criticize the lack of innovation in their songs or sound but you can also love that this band seems not to be able to write a weak album. And you need to be ready to get the details and feel each song’s mood to really experience what this band wants to tell you. DEFTONES is about representing moods and creating soundscapes where the individual song doesn’t seem to play the major role. You know what you get, but you get it always a bit better than expected.


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metal / alternative rock
from Sacramento, USA


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