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Not long ago we posted a feature about the great new track by independent band DINOSAUR JR.. The song Watch The Corners was only the appetizing foretaste of the new album entitled I Bet On Sky, which will be released August 31st. Coming along with lots of noise rock, punk, and metal elements, the band around legendary J Mascis created just another masterpiece album that can be recognized as such from the first notes on. I just can’t stop listening to these heavy tracks, ‘cuz they’re keeping me thrilled on and on!

Dinosaur Jr - I Bet On Sky - Cover


1. Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know
2. Watch the Corners
3. Almost Fare
4. Stick a Toe In
5. Rude
6. I Know It Oh So Well
7. Pierce the Morning Rain
8. What Was That
9. Recognition
10. See It on Your Side

I Bet on Sky is the third DINOSAUR JR. album since the original trio — J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph — reformed in 2005, and it’s the bands from now on 10th studio album since their debut was released back in 1985. Maybe it’s with them like with red wine – the older, the better – but seriously: these guys make music at such a high level that they could easily be named alongside bands like the FOO FIGHTERS or PIXIES, even though they never made it that big as the aforementioned, their cult status in the independent music circle is enormous – rightly so!
The trio has taken all the skills that they’ve acquired over the past years, and applied it directly onto their current output. The result is an album so engaging that it’s hard to not get submerged in the depths of heavy guitar riffs and J’s sugary gloominess of his vocals. His voice is just brilliant – desperate, smoky, almost tragic. Bittersweet riff-romance and melancholy that is so typical of the passionate GUNS ‘N’ ROSES rock tunes of the 80s, but even cooler and harder similar to the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE blasts from the late 90s. Murph’s drums are as hard and as strong as those of a Taylor Hawkins, and together with his bandmates’ melodic explosions and overwhelming solos, the trio managed to rise in my personal Olympus of rock legends.

For a combo that began as a weird fusion of hardcore punk and pop influences, the guys of DINOSAUR JR. have proven to be masters of their genre. The new album is a great achievement, and I can only highly recommend you to get it and celebrate their awesomeness. ‘Nuff said, now turn the volume up for I Bet On Sky!


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