EELS - Wonderful, Glorious - album cover

EELSWonderful, Glorious

1. Bombs Away
2. Kinda Fuzzy
3. Accident Prone
4. Peach Blossom
5. On The Ropes
6. The Turnaround
7. New Alphabet
8. Stick Together
9. True Original
10. Open My Present
11. You’re My Friend
12. I Am Building A Shrine
13. Wonderful, Glorious

EELS are back with a new album and even TOM WAITS told: “I eagerly await each new release”. So no doubt, EELS‘ new album has to be heard. It is wonderful and glorious, not just because the album’s title is Wonderful, Glorious.

Wonderful, Glorious (out February 5 2013 via E Works / Vagrant Records) is the title of ever-changing singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett aka. E aka. EELS‘ new album. “It was exciting, it filled me with hope for limitless possibilities. And I realized I’d had a similar feeling when I first put the band together for the last two tours.” The band, consisting of guitarists The Chet and PBoo, bass player Koool G Murder and drummer Knuckles, had a hand in the writing of Wonderful, Glorious. There only was one rule, says Everett: “If anyone in the room had an idea, I’d say ‘let’s try it.’”.

The New York Times called EELS‘ 2010 release Tomorrow Morning a “hopeful and euphorically in love” one. USA Today/i> hailed it “sly, inviting, emotional [and] complex”. Tomorrow Morning was the final part of a trilogy that included the earlier released albums Hombre Lobo and End Times. EELS, a band thats discography was called “one of the most consistend bodies of work in modern rock” by The Chicago Sun-Times. Everett, a man who was declared to be “on of the most prolific, adventurous and moving songwriters of the past decade (by Q-Magazine). Can there be any doubt that EELS are special? Probably not.

Everett says: “All this time during the making of all these other projects, I was always writing and recording music. Every time I branch out and try something else, I think it will be some kind of relief to take a break from music. But I always come back with my tail between my legs, because there’s nothing I enjoy more than making music. The other projects have been great experiences for me, but this is what I love to do.”

Now EELS are back with a wonderful an glorious album, that carries the spirit in its name, Wonderful, Glorious. Stream the entire album below.



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