Efterklang 2012

EFTERKLANG has always been a special band – in general, for me as a person and for NBHAP. On Sep 21 the Danish band will release their fourth full length album, Piramida, which we already listened to for you. A first song, Hollow Mountain, was released some weeks ago and we were blown away by this amazing band, again. Not only the fact that singer Casper Clausen cries for rescue when he sings “Help I’m falling down” and we feel so touched by these words. Also the music is touching our hearts and souls – the entire composition of the song made us looking forward to Piramida. Now the album is rotating again and again over here and I try to put into words what EFTERKLANG created and how the music leaves me after a couple of listens.

Efterklang - Piramida- album cover


01. Hollow Mountain
02. Apples
03. Sedna
04. Told To Be Fine
05. The Living Layer
06. The Ghost
07. Black Summer
08. Dreams Today
09. Between The Walls
10. Monument

Piramida opens with Hollow Mountain and puts the listener in a mood that feels like diving into a a surreal world, a world which is hollow like the one we live in, but one you are still strong enough to take the challenges of life. The perfect opener for an album like this, because the song makes you dive directly in the album. The next song, Apples, which can be listened below, makes you close your eyes and puts a smile on your face when it is sung “it doesn’t matter what you saw.” When the trumpets come in you will dive even deeper into the album. The first two or three listens of the album always where the same: after two songs I was soaked into the album so deep that I was “away” – away from this world, away from everyday life, away from everything that keeps haunting me…maybe because of the mellow sound of the third song, Sedna, which proves that Piramida is the most mature and most perfect album EFTERKLANG recorded by now.
Told To Be Fine is a very dreamy song which quite like The Living Layer keeps lulling you into wonderful dreams of a world that makes you feel bright and you ask others “What makes you feel so dark?” – as questioned in The Ghost. The songs Black Summer and Dreams Today are two more perfect songs which make me think of EFTERKLANG‘s 2010 album The Magic Chairs which was also a huge step for the band, but they seem to have taken much more steps since then – a they seem to have listened to lot of laid-back chillout music, because Piramida is an entirely calming album. The song Between The Walls shows that these guys from Denmark have not forgotten where they come from and that they are still into the same things as almost 10 years ago: electronic sounds. There could be no better way to slowly wake up from this dream called Piramida. The last song, Monument continues the wake-up-process, at the same time it makes you want to go back. Do you know these dreams you do not want to end dreaming? Quite the same here, so I hit the play-button again.

Even if Piramida deals with dark topics and even if EFTERKLANG make the listener feel that the world is full of darkness and problems, it is an album that is full of positive energy. An album that makes you dream away and wake up much stronger. You will say to yourself “what makes you feel so dark? The world is full of different colors and different feelings – you just have to read the signs and you will see that there is nothing in this world that you can’t cope with.” Thank you, EFTERKLANG – with Piramida you brought a masterpiece.


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indie / folk
from Copenhagen, Denmark


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