1. Don’t Say a Word
2. My Blood
3. Anything Could Happen
4. Only You
5. Halcyon
6. Figure 8
7. Joy
8. Hanging on
9. Explosions
10. I Know You Care
11. Atlantis
12. Dead In The Water

From the polite girl next door to a dance-pop queen. It seems like ELLIE GOULDING changes her whole image with the new album Halcyon, out now via Universal. The popstar from Hay Valley, West England shows with the second LP that her sound has increased – Halcyon features mature, adult and sophisticated dance-pop tracks. And even some dubstep beats (Probably inspired by her boyfriend, the all-overhyped SKRILLEX). The record starts with the very electronic song Don’t Say Any Word which features almost too much synthies and reverbs – well, as virtually every track from the album. My Blood includes some native vocals and beautiful piano parts and the following Figure 8 establishes itself – until some soft dubstep beats appear – just as in the ACTIVE CHILD cover Hanging On and Atlantis. SKRILLEX must have a hand in this – really, although the singer denies is influence in recent interviews. Anything Could Happen – the first single from Halcyon – marks a moment when the synthies are just a bit too much and too present: GOULDINGS  remarkable voice fades too much in the background. Halcyon and Joy are both loveable ballades – although the titles allude to something else.

The track Only You cannot dispense without a computer voice – unfortunately. But I have to say, there is one track on Halcyon that really stands out. I know you care is the only track in which GOULDING relinquishes the computer – you can entirely relish her lovely voice and the awesome piano accompaniment. I Know You Care shows pretty good that the British songwriter does not have to hide herself behind computer beats and synthies – she is a great singer and a pretty good acoustic performer. Maybe the popstar is not aware of this – or she simply likes the idea and concept of computer-made beats and dance-pop tracks. Would be interesting to see how the whole record might work as an acoustic album. In an interview ELLIE GOULDING said about Halcyon: “I’ve moved on quite a bit since the first album, because I’ve discovered so much; I’ve learned a lot more and I’ve grown up a lot more. I’ve gained more influences and different influences and people have influenced it; I suppose just circumstances. It’s a bit more tribal and anthemic; a bit more piano and vocal than anything. The last album was very electronic, but it was tied in with my voice; this one, to me, is way more of a pop record.” After listening to the new record you really understand what she is refering to.


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pop / dance / electro
from from Hay Valley, West England

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