NBHAP at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013

Europe’s musical culture is rich, diversified and full of potential to bridge distances and boarders of certain countries. A strong force to unite a continent that’s currently struggling in financial and political ways – but as we all know music got the power to let us forget all these things for a short while and to give a certain perspective. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is supporting this as much as the young musical talents all these countries have to offer – and we couldn’t think of a better place to attend than the EUROSONIC NOORDERSLAG in Groningen, Netherlands. It’s the traditional start of the new year for all the people in the music industry – artists, bookers, managements, labels and of course the press.

The EUROSONIC NOORDERSLAG definitely is the place to be if you want to be informed about the latest trends and ideas. So, especially for all the people behind the music the conference is a keypoint. With more than 3.000 music professionals and over 150 panels, keynote speeches, award shows, discussions and presentations on the status quo of the national and international music industry, the conference offers a business platform for the European music market. Topics range from discussions about streaming services to marketing strategies, from how to make festivals better or more secure to how to cope with the ongoing music market crises. It’s a great chance to meet people from almost everywhere, talk face to face and exchange experiences, numbers and drinking habbits.

Two other important parts include the ETP – the European Talent Exchange Program and the EBBA – the European Boarder Breakers Awards. The first one brings together the leading European festivals, radio and other media and stimulates them to exchange a selection of artists. A good way to connect between different events and a profit to every side. The EBBA Awards honor the ten European debut artists, who have been successful beyond national borders. And there are also the European Festival Awards which have the goal to honor the diversified landscape of the continent’s music events – from the huge ones to the small ones. But of course it’s also about the hosting country – especially the final night where the Noorderslag gives a closer look to the upcoming dutch artists.


But most of it – the focus is on all the upcoming great groups from all over Europe and elsewhere. Denmark sends beloved synthie-wave group RANGLEKLODS, the magnificant or the always amazing EFTERKLANG, while Germany brings talented songwriter HONIG, Ireland gives chillwave artist MMOTHS, Belgium the haunting BALTHAZAR and Norway the hypnotic sounds of HIGHASAKITE. There are completely unknown names besides all the hot ones that are currently buzzing around the world wide web. British garage rockers PALMA VIOLETS, mysterious dreampop girl duo SAINT LOU LOU, upcoming pop hope CHVRCHES or the always amazing SKIP&DIE. There will be so much to discover there – NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will of course give its best to find out about the best acts – we let you know everything right after the festival.

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