Friendly Fires - Late Night Tales


01 JUNIOR BOYS – Under The Sun
02 RENEE – Change Your Style
03 JOE SIMON – Love Vibration
04 DENNIS PARKER – Like An Eagle
05 SPACE – Carry On, Turn Me On
06 IRON GALAXY – Attention Seeker
07 BIBIO – Don’t Summarise My Summer Eyes
08 STEREOLAB – Black Arts
09 SBTRKT – Hold On
10 FRIENDLY FIRES – Why Don’t You Answer?
11 SONNA – One Most Memorable
12 LAUREL HALO – Embassy
13 DJ SPRINKLES – House Music Is A Controllable Desire You Can Own
14 MELODY’S ECHO CHAMBER – Endless Shore
15 GROUPER – Invisible
16 COCTEAU TWINS – Cherry Coloured Funk
17 SLOWDIVE – Shine
19 NILS FRAHM – After
20 BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH – Flat Of Angles (Part 1)



“Born too late to feel the golden age / I miss the rush, the lights of better days” – the opening lines of Live Those Days Tonight, the first single from FRIENDLY FIRES‘ 2011 sophomore record Pala might perfectly sum up the concept of this trio from St. Albans. There are only a few new groups who are as consequent in terms of pop music as FRIENDLY FIRES have been since they first showed up on the map back in 2008. They like the oldschool-like quality of popular music, they love italo house, old disco tunes and funky obscurities from even older 12-inch-vinyls. No matter from which area, no matter from which genre – and they don’t even care whether these tracks are cool or not as long as they got the irrisistable dedication to groove, soul and melody. Although they were really born to late for the high peak of this music FRIENDLY FIRES understand, live and breath pop like only a few current groups are capable of. And there couldn’t be a better host for a night out.

When indietronic band METRONOMY released their installment of the famous Late Night Tales series back in September, they interpreted their night as a mixture of frontman Joseph Mounts various influences. FRIENDLY FIRES take a different turn on their definition of the theme. Well, the circumstances cause this – the series celebrates its 30th compilation. And this is surely not time to hide in the corner of your dark bedroom, it’s a time to go out and party in style. Time to live those days tonight. By the character of the selected tracks we can only suspect how intense lovers of oldschool floorfillers these guys really are. Although starting with a relatively new tune by the JUNIOR BOYS pretty soon we’re drifting into the shiney world of the past with a lot of rare moments of early disco and funky house music. Pumping base sequencers, smooth beats and soulful vocalists characterize the beginning.

But pretty soon the night train experiences the present with groovy and deep house grooves which aren’t afraid of some spheric and poppy moments. And the band isn’t to shy to break down the beat with fancy downbeat moments by STEREOLAB or their bitzarre but catchy cover of the old ’78 classic Why Don’t You Answer? And by then we have just stopped at the half of this selection. The journey continues and everything is in it – smooth dreampop, psychedelic shoegaze, chilled house and also neo-classic by NILS FRAHM. This whole trip is a revelation for everybody who doesn’t think in genres when it comes to good music. It’s not about style or names, it’s about a certain mood and – most of it – the music. FRIENDLY FIRES‘ selection is a manifest for every fan of great and harmonious mixtapes. It’s for the night, it’s for the love and every other romantic aspect of it. Time to jump in the pool!


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indie / pop
from St. Albans, United Kingdom


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