Gold Falls - Frost EP (2012)


1. Frost
2. Closer
3. Far From
4. Night Walk

Either you love the gold days of winter or you’re more a beach-type – you can’t deny a certain beauty that snow-overed trees, cities and countrysides create in the middle of the deepest winter time. Everything is white, the air is clear and especially when the sun is shining the frosty world can convince even the bravest follower of summer. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is not sure wheter Oxford-based Ben Leftley is more part of one group than to the others. For a while now, the atmospheric chillwave sounds he created under his alias GOLD FALLS tend to create a certain feeling that wanna makes you drift away – no matter if you’re lying in the middle of the pacific blue or a frosty forrest.

So it’s the listeners choice and at least he timed the release of his first propper EP Frost right at the beginning of December. Perfect moment to put out material that pays tribute to the cold season. It’s only four tracks long but it shows that Leftley thought about the whole concept of an EP quite well – all tunes seem to be constanly bound to each other, creating a continuous flow. You’re not even recognizing the gaps between the songs which is something good. His latest instrumental output is dominated by bright rhodes and tender synthesizer melodies, wide string patterns and decent but grooving beats – for sure there’s a lot of reverb and wideness within these sounds. The whole construct is quite clear – like a frosty and cloudless winter day. GOLD FALLSFrost EP is not as overloaded with effects, samples and sounds as in the productions of other chillwave-acts like STUMBLEINE or SUN GLITTERS. It’s a lovely difference these days as it reduces the music to it’s basic purpose, the creation of atmosphere and an alternative to the daily life.

The Frost EP is a quite honorable start for this young British lad who certainly got a lot of talent and a clear vision of what GOLD FALLS should be about. This little four-piece-treasure is now out via disturbing noise, feel free to buy it here and support the artist. Probably the most charming way to get through the winter time.


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ambient / electronic
from Oxford, United Kingdom


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