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After last year’s premiere at Berghain, Berlin’s Pop-Kultur Festival returns with its second edition, this time in the city’s district Neukölln which will take place from 31 August to 2 September. From SchwuZ to Huxleys Neue Welt and Heimathafen various Neukölln areas will be filled with concerts, readings and panels. Also Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs – the program for youngsters in music business – will be returning this year. The entire festival is packed with a variety of interesting talks, DJ, sets, readings and even movie screenings.

Disco darling ROOSEVELT is coming over as well as beloved pyschedelic rock heroes WHITE WINE. Legends like Jon Savage and designer Mark Farrow are about to discuss their work in specific panels and there’s, for example, also a talk about the connection between pop and depression. Just to give you an idea on the scope. And aside from a few bigger names like METRONOMY and LIARS there are plenty of up and coming acts at Pop-Kultur 2016 which are on the verge of becoming your next favourite band. In the wake of NOTHING BUT HOP AND PASSION”s return to Pop-Kultur we present six insider tips from next week’s event right here.

SHOW ME THE BODY – 01 September/ 10–10:40 pm/ Keller

SHOW ME THE BODY are so punk that they released their album Body War unannounced and as a free download on their website two months ago. The three locals from Queens, NYC make a wild fusion of hardcore post-Punk, hip-hop and blues and call themselves as a ‘a gang that doesn’t care about money, drugs or turf, just the truth’. Pop-Kultur marks SHOW ME THE BODY’s first performance in Berlin. The question is, whether their performance will catch the audience as much as their underground audience in New York City.

ABRA – 02 September/ 11:20pm-00:20 am/ Schwuz

Hailing from Atlanta/Georgia, ABRA is the self elected ‘Darkwave Duchess. Maybe that’s because of her origin – the singer grew up in London, during the age of 8 years she moved to Atlanta because of her missionary parents. Feeling as an outsider she learned to play the guitar and wrote fantasy novels. Whilst ABRA found friends in online chatrooms and released home videos on Youtube, her smooth r&B-pop really sounds made for the digital era. ABRA’s debut album Rose was released last summer, right before her performance at Pop-Kultur she released the groovy EP Princess in July.

SKINNY GIRL DIET – 01 September/ 11-11:30 pm/ Keller

First things first: The band title SKINNY GIRL DIET is a feminist statement on the beauty and dieting industry. The first gig of the trio consisting of Delilah and Ursula Holliday and their cousin Amelia Cutler was supporting Viv Albertine at the age of 12. Having reached an age that isn’t underage anymore, the girls remained their punk approach with an Riot Grrl spirit. SKINNY GIRL DIET’s new album Heavyflow will be released on 21st September. Their first ever Germany show will be taking place at Pop-Kultur Festival.

SELDA BAGCAN – 01 September/ 08:20 – 09:40 pm/ Huxleys Neue Welt

Before Neukölln was flooded with vegan diners and hipster students, the district was known as the Turkish immigrant place of the German capital. It only sounds logical that SELDA BAGCAN will bring back some Turkish culture to Pop-Kultur Festival. Born in 1948 the protest singer already released her first records in the early 70s. Even though the folk musician gave successful concerts in both Turkey and Germany throughout her career, she came to late honors being featured on Mos Def and Dr Dre tracks. The hip hop samples led to international festival performances, making Bağcan probably more popular than in her home country. At Pop-Kultur SELDA BAGCAN will perform together with the Israeli band Boom Pam.

 HEIMER – 01 September/ 10:20 to 11 pm/ SchwuZ Salon

With his mixture of diverse genres such as grime, dubstep, hip hop, trap and soul producer HEIMER proves himself at the center of time.  Born and raised in the east of Berlin he taught himself how to fix and create musical equipment at home. His deep understanding of electronic music equipment and sounds let his sound develop abstract soundscapes that dissolve in weird pop sounds that sometimes even remind you of A.G. Cook’s future shaping label PC Music. Pop-Kultur will be the first performance of HEIMER’s full length album Teilzeit Swag which will be released in September. The German album title means ‘Parttime Swag’ and is what you can expect from his performance at venue SchwuZ Salon.

FISHBACH – 01 September/ 11:30 pm to 0:20 am/ SchwuZ Salon

Well and since you are already at the stage enjoying HEIMER why not staying a bit longer for the amazing and mysterious FISHBACH? The enigmatic French woman delivers finest dark wave songwriter magic and nocturnal chansons that are just destined to make your shiver. She hasn’t released that much music so far but the songs that are already out give a haunting impression of what might look like a bright future. Well, not really bright in that form as Madamme FISHBACH prefers to remain the twilight. We’re looking forward to join her there.

 The full programm for Pop-Kultur 2016 can be found here.