Manchester-based electronic music artist HOLY OTHER releases his debut album, Held, these days. When it comes to dreamy, laid-back music with spooky atmospheres and wonderful (but dark) soundscapes he is without any doubt one of the most talked artists right now. And since we at NBHAP are a lot into dreampop, glo-fi, atmospheric music, in-depth tunes and smooth soundscapes we were pretty much looking forward to Held – now the entire album can be streamed below. One thing in advance: if you are into atmospheric, dark and dreamy music you will fall in love with HOLY OTHER‘s first full-length output.

I am not quite sure if the music this mysterious guy creates even is that dark as everyone says these days. Of course this is no album that will rock your next house party, but the fact that it is no good-mood disco album doesn’t make the music dark. The same with the fact that HOLY OTHER doesn’t show his face, keeps himself anonymous and always wears black clothings doesn’t make Held a sinister album. Without any doubt that should be listened when you are alone or when you don’t want to talk, when you just want to think about your life, your past, the present and the future. “Present” – that is the word that brings me to the point realizing another fact about this album: it is neither future-orientated and forward-driving nor past-orientated and too much looking back, it is exactly in the present. Music to dream away in the moment you are right now, no matter where your thoughts might go then. Held is perfect to take a breath and go inside yourself, to calm down and relax deeply. Now and then your eyes will open and you’ll realize that the world is still there and you too. And you will realize that nothing is as bad as you might think sometimes. HOLY OTHER takes you to places deep inside yourself and that everyone of us has some dark places in his/her inside should be clear, but it is important to fully explore these parts of your own personality to be completely balanced. But HOLY OTHER leads you to the bright lights of your life and makes it possible that you can hold them for a moment.

Held is a strong debut longplayer that makes the time stand still for the duration of its length. For some listeners this might be something dark, for others something to calm down their inner stress. We feel like Held brings both darkness and light, just like in everyday life where darkness would never be taken as something bad – just as something mysterious. But what is bad about mystery? Probably nothing, because it keeps us driving. What might the face of this HOLY OTHER guy look like? Why does he always wear black clothings? Our opinion: we don’t want to know what he looks like as long as he delivers great music like this. Music like this is made to go inside yourself when listening to it and neither about watching the artist’s pretty (or not-so-pretty…who knows) face nor about thinking about his great fashion style. It is music, made for you and the HOLY OTHER helps you to explore yourself.
Hit the play button below, close your eyes and sail the seas of your deepest self. Take a breath and be ready to face yourself, it all starts with a willing heart.

By the way: one of this guy’s older tracks, Yr Love, is featured on our free compilation “Nothing But…Synthgaze” – check it out.


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electronic / ambient
from Manchester, United Kingdom


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