It is hard to not drown in the sea of possibilities. We live in a time were we can get whatever we want, whenever we want. At least in our western world we can live the life we really want. This is what we get told and this is how most of us feel. But having the chance to do pretty much everything at almost everytime can get you in a comatous state of not-being-able-to-do-anything-at-all. Is choice something that is really that good? Or does it also bring problems? Of course it does! How can you find out who you are and where to go? How can you find out what you want from life and where you would like to be with yourself in some years? Questions surely everyone of already asked him/herself someday.

The modern age brought problems

Seems our parents had an easier life, since they simply did not have that many choices to do. Of course they also had the chance to form their lives, but not in the way we have today. Within the last 15 years the world shrunk and seems much tinier than before. It is no problem to video-chat with someone from the other end of the world and it is no problem to connect up with friends from the other end of the world. It isn’t even a problem to move to another continent without missing your parents more than you would if you live in a random city some hours away from your hometown. Thanks. modern communication. Thanks, internet! Due to this cyberspace revolution we always know what happens when and where. No matter if it is an earthquake in Japan, a volcano-eruption in Iceland or some new hipster-glasses from the UK. No matter if fashionfrom South-Asia, Spain or the USA, no matter if whine from South-Africa, Germany or Italy. And if you want to fall in love, it is no problem to find your new love in Russia, Venezuela, Las Vegas, Peking or Rome. This brings us to the point that we always think about wether or not it is right what we hold in our hands or if there could be something better – somewhere out there in this world.
More, more, more. Increase. Growth. And what comes out? Maybe hipsters who dress like the people did 30 years ago and redefine this as modern? Who actually cares about being modern, about being up-to-date? What dos this mean and why are so many people longing for things like that?

Why are people longing for irrelevant things?

People are seeking for sensations and ever-new things to be up-to-date, to be more modern than others and to be better than others. But why? Simply because they do not know they are. Do you know who you are? Do you know where to go? Do you have a plan for your life? Does anyone of us actually need a plan? I don’t think so. But one thing is for sure: you have to know who you are and why you are the way you are. You have to be in peace with yourself, otherwise you will never find the way that is right for you. Life is not about competing with others, life is about living it the way you want. And if there is no path that you would like to go, then you can be the first one who walks it. One of the most influential saying I heard within the last weeks was “Those who don’t take risks work for those who do.” You live only this one time – take the chance and make something good out of it, something you will proudly look back at when you are old. Life is about more than being a hipster or a nerd, there is more than music and more than fashion. Life is about living. You just have to find yourself. Once you have found your own way of life, your own lifestyle, you won’t long for things that are useless anyway anymore.