I Am KlootI AM KLOOT‘s song are not the kind of songs that come jumping at you the first time you hear them, but they slowly sneak closer to you from behind. And without you realizing they capture you and hold you as if they never want to let you go again. Also on their sixth studio album Let It All In, which has just been released via PIAS/Rough Trade, the ever-so-great indiepop trio from Manchester kept that very feature to their songs. This 10-track album consists of a very multilayered mix of acoustic ballades, melodious midempo tracks and a couple of rather inconspicuous song with yet sublime harmonies.

i am kloot - let it all in - album cover


01. Bullets
02. Let them all in
03. Hold back the night
04. Mouth on me
05. Shoeless
06. Even the stars
07. Masquerade
08. Some better day
09. These days are mine
10. Forgive me these reminders

As everyone who is into I AM KLOOT already knows, it is a fact that – as on the first five studio albums – the quality of Bramwell’s songwriting always comes first. Again you get to hear a beautiful compilation of bittersweet themes such as fear, impermanence and doubt and, as in the bluesy opener Bullets, also self-disgust: “I kept the note you never wrote / and put it with the rest I haven’t got / I’ve got the bullets from your gun here / Should you return for another shot / You treat your mind like a cheap hotel / somewhere you stay but never stop”. Bramwell explains that this time he wanted to keep the songwriting simpler, and more honest. So, instead of spending designated hours of songwriting Bramwell let his spontaneous bursts of inspiration form everything he saw in front of him flow into his songs and then couched them in words how hardly any other songwriter is able to do.

Hargreaves explains that this time they wanted to keep their songs simpler. Compared to their previous studio albums on Let It All In they stripped back on the orchestration and instead composed this handful of songs centered around powerful and immediate guitar melodies. This way songs like Masquerade, Some better day or Shoeless were created. The song that is probably most conspicuous is the psychedelic seeming track These days are mine with its exotic horns. But doesn’t every album need a mighty ballad with the potential to stay stuck in one’s head for way too long?

I AM KLOOT is probably one of the most classic – yet underrated – bands in Great Britain.


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