Today is IDAHO day, the International Day Against Homophobia and transphobia is recognised in over 60 countries around the world on 17 May, the 1990 date when the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. 1990! But wait, is this still an issue? Aren’t we all tolerant and about the homophobism thing? Barak Obama, the current US-president, just stated his support for same-sex marriage. To put that in relation: The president of one of the most progressive democracy of the world (self reference) makes a point about same sex partnerships in 2012 and the world takes that as big news. Moreover it is not clear if that was a rather strategic move regarding elections, if he followed his vice president’s announcement or if he really wanted to make a point.

Anyway, we seem to need a day to be reminded. Or wait, it’s not us right? I am not considered. It’s about the intolerant neighbors, the old fashioned relatives or the ever conservative politicians. They finally need to get the clue. Well I admit, in my case it’s not that easy. Of course I share my life with homo/trans or whatever sexual people and of course I don’t care in a positive sense. But I still use those prefixes and it is still something to talk about and to put labels on people. No one defines me through my heterosexuality, so why do I catch myself talking about someone and adding information on sexual orientation being “different”. Do you? I don’t want an answer, just ask yourself. This day reminds me of the brilliant poet and songwriter MORRISSEY, who once said, he is against all kinds of prefixes. Yes, humans need categories to put people in. And no, people don’t deserve to be put in categories. I don’t want to be categorized or belong to any kind of club. So I better don’t put others in.

That shows me that categorizing is not only humiliating but simply not reflecting reality. I claim that we all are not to put in clear categories when it comes to sexual orientation. Well we are not when it comes to other parts of our personality and we hopefully defend to be categorized. For me, this day rises the challenge to find the balance between respecting the different kinds of sexual ways you can go and on the other hand to emphasize NOT to make a point about it. I have the goal that all this is not a subject anymore.

Until this is not the case and our sexual orientation is not only a matter of personal life but is also taken as a threat for freedom or well being in some societies, until then we need to raise awareness. Go on this site, get informed, and use your voice to make a point: