Time for some pop-music from Estonia. Yes pop-music and yes from Estonia. This might be something that you have not expected, but since we love it, I feel like writing about it and even more: encouraging you to listen to this great artist, too. IIRIS‘ debut-album The Magic Gift Box was released in March via EMI Music Finland and I really don’t know why, but I heard about her only some days ago. I saw the video to the song Weirdo, the second single from The Magic Gift Box, and was really impressed. Impressed by the video, the songwriting, the voice…surprised and impressed by the simply everything about IIRIS. Something between pop-music, electronic music, club-sounds, R’n’B and rock-music. Something special, something that simply doens’t leave you a chance to not move to the beat. And so it comes that I ask myself the thing sung in Weirdo: “Tell me what you do to me?”, because I move and move… Check out Weirdo and see if you feel like me. I’m quite sure we’ll share our opinions.

So I checked out the entire album, The Magic Gift Box, an album with 14 tracks that turn every place to a dancefloor. No matter where you listen to the album – at work, at home, in the club, in the woods… you will not be able to sit or stand still. Promised! The perfect album to listen when you have problems with your back or your intervertebral discs, because this music will make you shake your body and limber up. I haven’t heard of any Estonian pop-act before, but IIRIS made me fall in love with it…so I hope that there will be more. More of IIRIS and more great acts from Estonia – no matter if pop-music or not: Estonia, you’re on my musical-map now! Thanks IIRIS!

The song Melyse ranked 9th in Top 50 charts in Estonia 2011. Further the video was nominated for the best video of year 2011 along with video Good man Down by EWERT AND THE TWO DRAGONS.


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