indians - 2013

Stunning. Astonishing. Glistening. This is just a try of putting the first impression about INDIANS into words. INDIANS – this is Søren Løkke Juul, a Danish guy from Copenhagen, who is multi-talented in singing, playing different instruments and, as you’ll probably discover, in composing. With his amazing debut, Somewhere Else, he created a full and warm carpet of sounds that invites the listener to go on a dreamlike journey.

indians - somewhere else - album cover

INDIANSSomewhere Else

1. New
2. Bird
3. I Am Haunted
4. Magic Kids
5. Lips Lips Lips
6. Reality Sublime
7. Cakelakers
9. La Femme
9. Melt
10. Somewhere Else

INDIANS was born in order to satisfy the needs of finding creative expression, for doing something different without having any requirements or prospects. Søren Løkke Juul performed his first show as INDIANS in February 2012. After that, he released his debut single Magic Kids, which is about all those marvelous and bodacious feelings of childhood, going to be forgotten by most adults. Quite aware of the risk of losing curiosity and creative power, Søren Løkke Juul hit the road through Europe and North America for doing it in his own way in playing a lot of shows. Finally, he gets signed by 4AD, the label of BON IVER, DAUGHTER, EFTERKLANG and THE NATIONAL. His first record Somewhere Else is going to be released on January 29th.

Songs named Bird, Melt and Somewhere Else cause some expectations for the listener. Gladly, they are going to be achieved by an unexpected variety of sounds, combined with lyrics praising the beauty of melancholia and the different faces of life. Like a magician, INDIANS manages to connect electronic sounds and acoustic instruments to a perfect soundtrack for a winter’s saturday. To detect the entire enchantment of Somewhere Else, you need to slow down and minimize distraction. Close your door, open the window and feel the cold breeze of winter that surrounds your nose, wandering through your lungs and refreshing your thoughts.

In contrast to the first songs, which are carried by electronic sounds and double-layer voices, The Haunted Man introduces a driving acoustic guitar as a first indication for INDIANS’ lust for experimenting. One highlight of Somewhere Else is the song Lips, Lips, Lips. It evolves from less accompanied vocals to an up-beat-number fading out into deep beats and glittering sound-effects, which remove really slow directly into space. Melt catches the listener with a wonderful piano and the statement of moving on after going through sorrows. INDIANS’ debut Somewhere Else ends up with the same titled song, which feels like the final curtain of an intensive and rousing journey through mind and heart. This song won’t leave you unaffected.

If this is how 2013 starts musically, then it’s going to be a great one – providing that it’s possible to create something more touching than this record. Since it’s not appropriate to analyze it any further, I would rather like to close with the last and fitting words of INDIANS’ debut: “I lost my heart to you, but you are somewhere else.”

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