Jakob Bruno - I Blow My Brains Out For You

JAKOB BRUNO I Blow My Brains Out For You

1. Lady Bird
2. She’s On Her Way
3. Julie’s Song
4. You Will Find Someone Too
5. Talkin’ Latte Grande Blues
6. Kissed Her Goodnight (With The Shot Of My Gun…)

“I once had a girl, she made me go blind /
I still hear her speak she’s the voice in my mind /
But am I awake now or is this a dream? /
Time is a fraud like a pyramid scheme /
Looking for trophies to praise and enshrine
/ Picking up women, making them mine /
She was in pain, a match in the sun /
I kissed her goodnight with the shot of my gun”

JAKOB BRUNO‘s lyrics are dark. They are satirical and brutally honest. This fabulous singer-songwriter from Denmark is a young man following the footsteps that other great musicians created a long time before him, yet he plays them in his very own way. While his former pieces were often guided by strong piano melodies his new EP I blow my brains out for you moves in fairly different spheres. If you are looking for new, heart-wrenching and brutally honest folk melodies you should definitely check out this EP that has just been released.

His songwriting is natural, pure and in no way forced, and this is like BOB DYLAN already said, one of the best skills of the Danish. JAKOB BRUNO‘s songs are filled with the burning aspire of a young man to not only make music but live it with heart and soul. His pure folk and blues sound is centred around a single guitar which he plays beautifully light fingered. Sometimes he would accompany it with a harmonica in the mot minimalistic manner. The most magnificent aspect however, is his soft voice. It reminds the listener from time to time of the great Bob and one would have to listen closely to hear the difference. However, JAKOB BRUNO has not yet found his own style in the the shadows of great musician like BOB DYLAN. Still, we at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION can see that this lad definitely has potential and are very excited about what other gorgeous melodies and lyrics lie dormant in him still waiting for us to be heard.

Check out JAKOB BRUNO‘s new EP and the video to his latest single You will find someone too and keep you eyes and ears open to hear from him in the future.


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singer-songwriter / folk / acoustic
from Denmark


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