We’re definitely in love. It’s a comeback little ostentatious, but not less convincingly: JENS LEKMAN is back in music business, in our playlists and our hearts. But this time he conquers us a bit softer than he did it the first time. There is still a characteristic piano, there are strings and there is, of course, this distinctive voice – but not with the same fervency as in his debut Night Falls Over Kortedala, he released in 2007. Yet, five years later, JENS LEKMAN took a step back in creating opulent string and piano arrangements, utilized until the maximum achievement. But, there is nothing missing. His sound is a bit lighter, but still unmistakable.

On his new album, called I Know What Love Isn’t, JENS LEKMAN sings about love in all of its complexity. He reaches the listener by picking out common settings and feelings. For sure, with his new songs, JENS LEKMAN doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but he succeeds to give lovesongs a new facet. Even songs about unaccomplished love sound so sweet, that it gives hope while he’s singing about unpleasant truths like: “You don’t get over a broken heart, you just learn to carry it gracefully.” This sentence is part of the chorus of The world moves on – absolutely one of the centerpieces of the new record. The song develops from telling about the summer in the city and the rather fiddling stories coming along to the breakup that heartbreaking is the background of the story and his perception. Another catchy tune is the title track and first single-release I Know What Love Isn’t. This song embraces the whole album by using the method of exclusion to describe love. And this is exactly what the record achieves: JENS LEKMAN tells us about heartache, about the painful sides of love and that we have to explore them, to find out what love is.

I Know What Love Isn’t was written and recorded in Melbourne, where JENS LEKMAN lived during that time. While listening to the whole record, the spirit of the big city is in evidence. His sound creates pictures in mind including a long walk along sunny alleys, feeding animals in the park and exploring the district by bike. JENS LEKMAN donates us the perfect sound for a sunday morning, with open windows, coffee and the ordinary sunday-blues. His floating guitar runs as a thread through the entire album, supplemented by well chosen wind instruments and strings. JENS LEKMAN tells stories of life – sad, full of hope and wise. His melodies donate solace by sounding like reliance. I Know What Love Isn’t unfolds its whole effect by listening in one go. Afterwards, one has an idea of love. Of love to that precious pieces of well-sounding wisdom like “A broken heart is not the end of the world. Cause the end of the world is bigger than love.”


1. Every Little Hair Knows Your Name
2. Erica America
3. Become Someone Else’s
4. She Just Don’t Want To Be With You Anymore
5. Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder
6. I Want A Pair Of Cowboy Boots
7. The World Moves On
8. The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love
9. I Know What Love Isn’t
10. Every Little Hair Knows Your Name


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singer-songwriter / pop
from Gothenburg, Sweden


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