Karin Park - Highwire Poetry - album cover

KARIN PARKHighwire Poetry

01. Restless
02. Fryngies
03. Tension
04. Tiger Dreams
05. New Era
06. Wildchild
07. Explosions
08. 6000 Years
09. Thousand Loaded Guns
10. Bending Alberts Law

KARIN PARK was born in Djura, a small town somewhere in the dark woods of Dalarna, Sweden. Not only that she grew up in a town with only 400 inhabitants, she also was raised in a deeply religious family. KARIN PARK was first a pop-star in Norway with her 2004 debut, Superworldunknown, before she started collaborating with DATAROCK’s Fredrik Saroea on the previous album, Ashes To Gold, a route she’s now continued with UK based producer Barry Barnett. Co-produced and mixed by Christoffer Berg (THE KNIFE, FEVER RAY, LITTLE DRAGON) into an even darker soundscape. KARIN PARK‘s new album, Highwire Poetry, combines electronica, industrial, dubstep and synthie-pop with her unmistakeable, truly unique voice.
In the song New Era she sings “it’s unescapeable, here comes a new era” and we would like to express our deepest praise to this. Highwire Poetry is the album we never knew we were waiting for, but when it comes to electronic pop music this is the album that sets new standards – no matter if you are in a club, at work, at home… KARIN PARK will make your day/night with great songs, deep basses, amazing melodies, stunning atmospheres and her exceptional voice.
We are happy to see her at Hamburg’s Reeperbahnfestival – time to dance away bad things, guess that’s what is should be possible to KARIN PARK‘s tunes. And by the way: it is said that her life performances are breathtaking – this raises our anticipation even more!


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pop / electro
from Djura, Sweden


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