KÚRA is Fanney Ósk Þórisdóttir (lead vocals), Brynjar Bjarnfoss (producer, vocals) & Rasmus Liebst (producer, guitar, vocals) who teamed up to create amazing electronic pop music. Singer Fanney Óskt Þórisdóttir comes from Reykjavik, Iceland and brings a voice that couldn’t be sweeter, dreamier and more Nordic-sounding. The Danes Brynjar Bjarnfoss and Rasmus Liebst supply beats, more vocals and guitars. Together KÚRA – which meanes “caress” by the way – play music that is located somewhere between GUS GUS, TRENTEMØLLER and something very special. Something I’d like to call kúaresk.

In December 2010 they released their debut-EP titled Multicolor. The song Gogo which has been on this released became a huge underground hit with more than 350.000 Youtube-plays on the original version and LULU ROUGE’s remix version. Their minimalistic and melancholic sound was presented several times at Copenhagen’s Fashion Week last summer and since the Icelandic-Danish-collaboration-act just released their new album, Halfway To The Moon, you can take it for granted that you will hear a lot from them in the near future. Their new album is dark, courageous and brings the perfect mix between electronic music, rock and dub. Perfect to dance to in clubs, perfect to dream away at home and perfect for every Fashion Week show!

Do it just like it is sung in the song Follow Your Heart and “follow your heart or fall apart.” Not much more to say than this, because with this KÚRA exactly tell how they create music. Simply by just following their hearts. Otherwise Halfway To The Moon wouldn’t sound that perfect, that fragile and that honest.

The video to the song Anchor, which is featured below, shows what is meant with perfection, fragility and honesty in KÚRA‘s music. The body-builder-guy in the video is a perfectionist on the one hand and on the other hand a fragile guy. And who would disagree with the fact that this video is perfect, fragile and most of it all honest? Probably no one. This is KÚRA. This is honest perfect fragility.


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from Iceland & Denmark


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