Late Night Venture - Pioneers Of Spaceflight - Album Cover

LATE NIGHT VENTUREPioneers Of Spaceflight

1. Kaleidoscopes
2. Peripherals
3. Houses
4. Birmingham
5. The Empty Forest
6. Hours
7. Ready No
8. Trust
9. Glitter Pony
10. Carisma

Somewhere in the neverland of spacious cinematic soundscapes and dark, distorted beauty, LATE NIGHT VENTURE found their home. After years of dedicated work on the independent scene, LATE NIGHT VENTURE has developed a personal, melodic-yet-challenging expression with audible links to 80´ies icons MY BLOODY VALENTINE & THE CURE as well as contemporary counterparts such as ULRICH SCHNAUSS and the post-hardcore scene.
The bands first album, Late Night Venture, was released to great critical acclaim in Europe in 2006 with subsequent distribution in the UK and Japan. In evidence of the appeal of the album as a whole, eight of the
ten tracks have received airplay in various European countries. In 2009, new recordings by LATE NIGHT VENTURE surfaced in the shape of the EP Illuminations recorded at Copenhagen´s Black Tornado Studios and produced by Cult of Luna producer/drummer Magnus Lindberg. This Illuminations EP marked the bands transition to a more atmospheric and soundscape based sound, giving the music a more psychedelic and”postrockish” feel to it. Since the release of Illuminations LATE NIGHT VENTURE has continued to develop within this style.

After tons of shows all over Europe, sharing the stage with fine acts such as THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, JENIFEREVER, CASPIAN and a lot more the band now released their new longplayer Pioneers Of Spaceflight which is the perfect symbiosis of huge soundscapes, dreamy atmospheres and wonderful melodies. Pioneers Of Spaceflight is out on the Belgian label DUNK Records which evolved to one of the most exciting postrock labels in Europe. With DUNK Records LATE NIGHT VENTURE definitely have a strong partner that can take the band much further. Because this is where this band belongs: in your music player. They have the tunes right from the universe. On Pioneers Of Spaceflight the band captured the melancholy and dreaminess, the darkness and the never-ending light, the most in-depth questions about the universe and the ultimate freedom – of the universe.

You can stream LATE NIGHT VENTURE‘s entire Pioneers Of Spaceflight album right now right here:


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postrock / shoegaze
from Copenhagen, Denmark


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