This week is the week of LIS ER STILLE. It is the week of their fourth full-length called Nous – our album of the week. And I am the one who wanted to write about this record. And now I am sitting in front of my computer struggling. I listened to Nous over and over again but I have troubles finding words to describe the great things I have heard.
Trying to name a few genres? Not working in this case. Maybe name some hearable influences? Difficult as well. Because there are so many. To be honest I guess these guys do not care at all how their music can be described. They just do what they want without any compromise.

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After a short intro Nous begins furious. Martin is singing for his life. He seems almost mad. It sounds like Jon (drums) and Asbjørn (bass) are coming after him. Martin’s piano makes the scene even more dramatic and so does Tue with his guitar. But then it suddenly slows down. An organ appears and makes the song mighty and morbid at the same time. Within the next minutes it develops toward a huge majestic finale. What an opener!
The next song The Bail follows the same pattern at first glance. But this one gets way darker. In the last part synthesizer enter the scene and accompany Martins desperate and lonely vocals.[/one_half]

The synthesizer returns in Epitome. Together with the drums the track begins imposing and noble. But the starting piano brings profound beauty to this one. With every note this track gets more atmospheric until it culminates in angel-like vocals and subdued piano sounds.
After this Nous becomes slower and darker. While listening to Myte associations with BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE come to my mind. Very discrete instrumentation and stunningly beautiful.
Torchers carries on this sad atmosphere although this track is closer to postrock in the beginning. But after a while LIS ER STILLE start to pull back the listener into their morbid and mad universe.
Asylum/Reap the final track gives you one last time the chance to get lost in the depressive and creepy side of Nous. But in the end this songs gets faster and returns to where this album started. An then all of a sudden it is over. And you find yourself back in the real world asking yourself what happened to you in the last forty five minutes.

Nous is an incredible intense record that needs your full attention. But if you take the time you will be rewarded by entering a great, impressive and eclectic musical world. And if you have the chance to see these guys performing live – go there! You may have doubts if these complex tracks work on stage. But trust me, they work!



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progressive / rock / experimental
from Århus, Denmark


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