Metz - 2012 - Photo by Robby Reis

Photo by Robby Reis

When we introduce music to you that we believe you should definitely check out, we often use terms such as ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, or ‘lovely’. Well, these definitions can easily count for the following album too, since ‘beauty’ is always in the eye of the beholder. In the case of the Toronto-based trio METZ, their rude, severe, and loud music is a true beauty amongst the noise rock tunes in this world. And sometimes, music is to be listened to simply for the fun of it, even though we never really get away from it all. The self-entitled debut album by the from today on must-know Canadian rockers is a masterpiece of heavy emotionless blare, yet evolving so many great feelings in the heart of every unruly-and-enormously-rough-sound lover.

Metz - Metz - Album Cover

METZ metz

1. Headache
2. Get Off
3. Sad Pricks
4. Rats
5. Knife in the Water
6. Nausea
7. Wet Blanket
8. Wasted
9. The Mule
10. Negative Space
11. – )) – 

Originally from Ottawa, METZ consists of guitarist and singer Alex Edkins, drummer Hayden Menzies, and Chris Slorach on the bass. They’ve been making music together since 2009, after Alex and Hayden had moved from Ottawa down to Toronto for a change of scenery, where they eventually met Chris. The guys made a name for themselves back home with a series of well-received seven-inches and a “chaotic live show”, so they say. Undoubtedly, you just have to listen to the album to realize that their live sets must be a total blast! On stage, METZ probably metamorphoses into a three-headed stage monster playing a brutally heavy instrument that combines heavy-gauge strings of guitar and bass and a huge badass drum kit, and they rip and smash it like you’ve never seen it before. Their sound is a return to everything that’s good about raucous, ecstatic live music, reminding on the grand THE PIXIES or THE JESUS LIZARD.

When frontman Edkins speaks of the good ol’ times back in the days when they started out playing in Ottawa, I almost get jealous of these great memories that have contributed to the band’s development in an extremely positive kind of way. He recounts:

“I feel really fortunate to have started there, because, at the time, it was just an amazing place for punk rock and hardcore, a real tight-knit community. There’s nothing better than being in the community center, or wherever it was, and seeing these bands that are not getting paid much, if anything. It was a small group of people, but man, was it ever the best thing. Those guys and girls just went crazy. It’s what we know, and we can’t really conceive of doing it any other way when we get up there to play.”

Obviously, the sleepy government city Ottawa offered the perfect conditions for an actual real community to come about and to spawn some really cool stuff. However, the band’s first record is a complete product of living in Toronto. As Edkins further explains, “most of it is dealing with the modern way of life in a gigantic city and feeling some of those conditions starting to weigh down on you: the anxiety, the hysteria, the speed at which you. That’s where the lyrics are coming from.”

All songs evolve from effortless scratch in the beginning, all created in the same room, all at the same time. The final outcome is simply a blast – sounds like magic, and I wouldn’t deny that their music is magically captivating and thrilling. The record’s lead single Headache perfectly exemplifies the band’s approach to their miraculous noise rock, filling every inch of available space with rugged sound. But despite all the heavy drones, their collective sound has a latent structure that adds some emotion and connectivity to all the lovely madness they create, which is probably due to the same immediacy and the same feeling that arise when everything is done in the same room and all together.

To cut a long story short, all you should really do is turn up the volume and enjoy what METZ has produced for you. One of my personal favorites is The Mule, so check out Metz and let us know how you feel about it.


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grunge / noise rock / punk rock
from Toronto, Canada


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