Moullinex - Flora (2012)


01. Sunflare
02. Take My Pain Away
03. Déja Vu
04. Keep You Close
05. Darkest Night
06. Let Your Feet (Do The Work)
07. To Be Clear
08. Flora
09. Tear Club
10. Undertaker
11. Hypnotize
12. Summerman (Reprise)
13. Maniac (feat. Peaches)

“Disco Sucks” – what a pleasant name for a campaign, don’t you think? It was in the beginning of the 80s when America and later the whole world was sick and tired of the disco movement that conquered the planet in the second half of the 1970s. Everyone was creating their own version of the infamous ‘Saturday Night Fever’ – and as always when something becomes omnipresent the people get sick of it. That is why disco music had to die. But since the history of popculture is also always some sort of cycle it was no surprise that after years of indie and garage rock, the high gloss pop grooves returned. The NuDisco movement is full of acts like AEROPLANE, GIGAMESH, HOLY GHOST! or LINDSTRØM that combine the classical vibe with a modern sound. The groove and soul are still present – and Luis Clara Gomes aka MOULLINEX has been one of the movement’s motors in the past years.

The producer from Portugual does not only publish the important scene magazine Discotexas, he also managed to pop up from time to time with his project MOULLINEX in the form of remixes or single tracks – for example his collaboration Maniac with PEACHES which is also featured on his debut longplayer. Everything is set up for Gomes to step out of the background, into the spotlight of the world with Flora, his first full length record. Thirteen tracks that balance between neo pop, nudisco, french house and lovely retro vibes. The producer – who also lives and works in Munich part-time – knows how to create this special dancefloor vibe. Fancy beats, versed piano play, warm synths, grooving basslines and sensual female vocal contributers like Iwona Skwarek from REBEKA or DA CHICK. And when the ladies stay silent, there is still room for Gomes providing lead vocals.

From legendary disco producer GIORGIO MORODER to french house legends DAFT PUNKMOULLINEX seems to cover up all his influences with Flora. The perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer day or a smooth saturday night. It’s a fascinating rich and big sounding record despite the fact that it has been recorded with the help of old vintage equipment. Another argument that speaks for Gomes and his producing skills. Of course it might be just a matter of time before the world gets sick of electronic disco music once again (although we think they won’t be burning any records this time like they did back then) – but until this is happening, disco definitely not sucks – not if it is made by MOULLINEX.


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electro / pop / disco
from Portugal / Germany


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