as mountains - monolight - album cover


1. Ben Hur Road
2. Matching Clouds In Lucerne
3. MonoLight
4. Wavering Trees
5. Black Mountain
6. Let me in, Let me go

AS MOUNTAINS were founded in summer 2011 and already one year later they released their debut-EP Monolight (out Dec 2012 via Wolves and Vibrancy Records). After supporting bands like IF THESE TREES COULD TALK, MAYBESHEWILL, THE SHAKING SENSATIONS and KOKOMO, they have been selected as 4th Best New Artist on the post-rock listener’s choice 2012 which was voted by around 10.000 people. Among with CASPIAN, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, AS MOUNTAINS‘ music ranks very high in the scene.

In each track on Monolight you can hear a lot of sensations. Coldness and melancholy are the common base of the entire EP, but in each song the band brings out another kind of sensations. For example in the song Ben Hur Road explosive delicate passages seriously grow out. Matching Clouds In Lucerne is a positive one and the song Monolight is one that will drags us to big tragedy passing in front us. This kind of CASPIAN influenced song gets transformed to the very own style of AS MOUNTAINS. My – personal – favourite track, Wavering Trees is a compendium of delicate and warm passages that brings you huge passages and landscapes remembering of the first EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY album. The EP closes with Black Mountain and Let Me In, Let Me Go, two sad songs to reflect what happens in our world – with a spark of hope and determination.

If you are a fan of post-rock music you clearly have to check out AS MOUNTAINS and listen to their EP Monolight – because the sound is amazing and the EP tells a lot of different stories. You can listen to the entire album, Monolight, right here:



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