Photo by Jasmine Safaeian

Natalie Smith - Masquerade (2012)



1. Already Gone
2. Masquerade
3. The Boxer
4. Invincible


Do you know these songs that immediately go to your head and just stay there? It’s like you already knew them, because they’re absolutely catchy and you could identify yourself with them. The artist NATALIE SMITH just managed to do that with her second EP, Masquerade, that will be released next week, on October 25th. It contains four beautiful and heartwarming songs that deal with things that every one of us has been through, so you easily can identify with Natalie’s music. She covers the popular topics of love, loss and finding yourself. The singer-songwriter from Los Angeles attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and achieved already some notable stuff like performing at the Songwriter/Performer Showcase or at the Substance Abuse Awareness Songwriting Showcase.

NATALIE SMITH’s songs from her recent EP sound sweet and they are quite enjoyable. After you listened to her tracks for the second or third time you’re already able to sing along the chorus with her – they are absolutely catchy and full of melodic beauty. Already Gone impresses with its sassy lyrics and girlish sound. Her thoughtful side gets revealed with The Boxer by metaphorically using this expression for love. Her amazing and very clear voice perfectly supports her great pop songs. And we’re always open to support great new talents. Now, the pleasure is all yours by checking out this young lady and her lyric video for Invinceable from her recent EP Masquerade.

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singer-songwriter / pop
from Los Angeles, USA


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