nightlands - 2013

Dave Hartley is not only the son of a genetic engineer and the bass player of THE WAR ON DRUGS, but also a sound scientist whose baby is called NIGHTLANDS. Oak Island is the title of his new album, the follow up to 2010’s Forget The Mantra. The new questions Hartley explores are: What happens when the human voice is layered exponenially? Is the sum more man or more melancholy machine?

nightlands - oak island - album cover


01. Time And Place
02. So Far So Long
03. You’re My Baby
04. Nico
05. So It Goes
06. Born to Love
07. I Fell In Love With A Feeling
08. Rolling Down The Hill
09. Other Peoples Pockets
10. Looking For Rain

NIGHTLANDS is seeking answers to these quesions and takes you on a spirit quest through lush forests down in the Uncanny Valley. A world in which each distorted, silver-voiced melody gets wrapped in 70s sounds. Plucked acoustic guitars, trumpets, dulcimers and hand percussion. Oak Island uses pop touchstones and is something close to memories and faded feelings that tide in and out of you conjure the past.

Oak Island is produced by a mid-70s sound that reminds of acts like BRIAN ENO, CROSBY, HAL and NASH. Ten pop songs that deal with sadness and love, two topics that are often very close to each other. Imagine a robot that learned what it means to be human and that exacly know how to traverse time and space. This is the sound of NIGHTLANDS‘ new album Oak Island. A sound that is more a feeling. A feeling that might be able to touch the bottom of your heart.

No matter if you are into soft rock or not, if you are into synthetic sounds or not, this album is worth a listen. No matter if you are into 70s sounds or not, robots or humans (or none of both), love songs, memories of or longing for love and space, Oak Island probably expresses what you feel. This is what happens when the human voice is layered exponenially. It ss the sum of man and a melancholy machine. It is NIGHTLANDS. And NIGHTLANDS are worth a listen. As Hartley states on his Facebook page: “politics and religion are obsolete; the time has come for science and spirituality.” Give it a try.

Check out the video to I Fell In Love With A Feeling and fall in love with NIGHTLANDS and the feeling Dave Hartley expresses.



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