Wovenhand - The Laughing Stalk (2012)


01. Home
02. Eclipse/Blue (feat. Kazu Makino)
03. Safe
04. Glue
05. Distance
06. Tell
07. Snap
08. Prelude
09. Try (feat. Toro Y Moi)
10. Phase III
11. Light #3

It’s like a universal word that everybody seems to understand and knows – well, more or less. We’re talking about “Home” and the way each and everyone finds a personal definition of what it feels like. May it be a place or a person – some of us will always know where it us, others might be forced to look for it first before eventually finding it. We’re not sure to which group producer Jason Chung belongs but one thing is for sure – NOSAJ THING is his musical home. And after the buzz his 2009 debut Drift created the man from Los Angeles had to go away for a while first in order to come back in full strength and creativity. Four years later, the sophomore album by NOSAJ THING actually feels like home. Like a warm and solid electronic embrace.

Drift offered a perfect mixture of electronic experiments, easy floating synthesizer pads and chilled beats. A record perfect for various situations – whether you’ve listened to it in detail or just used it as a background score to your personal lazy sunday in bed. The ambivalence of this sound might not be the worst thing, it basicly shows on how many different levels it can actually work and more or less touch you. We don’t know if it was Chung’s intention but Home actually sounds a bit like coming back, like a feeling of belonging. Although the calmed down and melancholic electronica sounds of NOSAJ THING share a certain craving, they also tend to give a feeling of comfort and solace. The kick drum often works like a slow heartbeat, cooling down your inner haze while the analog synthesizer sounds make you wanna drift away to foreign places. And since Home is almost instrumental it gives you room for your private interpretation. The two vocal features – by BLONDE REDHEAD‘s Kazu Makino and TORO Y MOI – fit perfectly to the whole concept. They are more ghostly samples and work less like a specific song or melody and more like another electronic element.

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Whether you call this post-dubstep, electronica, ambient, downbeat or any other form – Home is a ride into the heart of darkness. Into the middle of the night. And Chung creates this sound very unintrusive. It’s not all-over-hyped electronc sound structures you have to listen a dozen times before finally understanding them. It happens in an instant. If you’re willing to let yourself fall into these sounds and songs, NOSAJ THING and Home will carry you into a place of comfortness. So, in the end the choice of the album title really wasn’t the worst one.



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