One tune that really excited me

In 2020, I also finally joined the Khruangbin fan club. Time (You and I) is the perfect track to lift the mood during the lows we all go through these days. The classic Khruangbin groove got a fresh touch with vocals by bassist Laura Lee. However, the instrumental energy of the trio that we love so much is maintained and the lines are kept to a minimum. Time is the kind of track that forces you to look on the bright side of things regardless its existential message – ‘if we had more time, we could live forever’. And the video shot sometime before corona, is just absolutely heart-warming and hilarious. This is one to cheer you up and heck if that isn’t what all of us need at the moment!

One wonderful (re)discovery

When digging through my ‘saved-ages ago but never listened to’ section on my Spotify I dragged this gem out of the abyss. Saved a good year or more ago, I didn’t actually dedicate time to the French four-piece Palatine until recently. Grand Paon De Nuit is their debut LP and was released about two years ago. The musicians blend steely guitar parts something between folky blues and bendy surf-indie with the resonating vocals in French and English. The entire record is well-rounded from the gloomy distortion and steady drums of City of Light to the ballad Stockholm. Beside my weakness for French vocals, the instrumentation also hits the nail on the head. The title track balances minimal elements beautifully and lets the sticky French lyrics function as the glue smoothing it out. But it is the haunting dramatic melancholy of the opener Comme Ce Rouge Me Plaît that gets me every time. Do not shuffle and do not let it sit in your library unappreciated for too long, like I did!

One thing that disappointed me

It might not be quite fair to list one of the bands I spoke off so fondly before here, but I cannot help but feel a little disappointed by one of the new tracks Larkin Poe released teasing their forthcoming record Self Made Man. Holy Ghost Fire sounds like the artificially retouched version of the Lovell sisters. The too many layers of vocals and guitar do not highlight the skill Rebecca and Megan have on their instruments. After having seen them tear the house down with their amazing live shows two times already, I hate to admit that my initial excitement was dimmed fairly quickly following the release of Holy Ghost Fire. However, thankfully in Quarantine, Larkin Poe have also been reviving their series of Classic Rock and Blues covers over on YouTube, which is what I will be listening to, instead of this track. Fingers crossed for the rest of the album… regardless, I would still go see them live any day (probably later than sooner these days).

One thing that really surprised me

This month I was surprised to find Shakira on my Repeat and Rewind Playlist on Spotify. But yeah, I did discover the artist for me again after I had left her in some drawler next to the neon nail polish and choker necklaces of my 14-year-old self. Her early Spanish ballads are beautifully melodramatic and her more recent work is just the perfect soundtrack for early morning runs. Try Rabiosa or Clandestino to get your feet moving. They will make going for a run feel easy (almost).

Just a random thought

I got turned onto Brazilian music a while back when I was introduced to Bia Ferreira and finally took some time to deep dive. A special gem I dug up is Oxum – a collaborations between the two singers Serena Assumpção and Xênia França. I love the vibe and the vocals. Maybe this is the time to learn some Portuguese – who wants to join?

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