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Sometimes stating the obvious is probably a bit cleverer then hiding behind obscure phrases or definitions. Michael Angelakos, frontman of PASSION PIT, wanted to purge his lyrics with the sophomore record by this group. Pure and simple stories about the life he’s been given and living since the surprising attention their debut Manners spotted almost three years ago. The extremely catchy hippie-esque synthiepop from the five multicultural musicians brought us some great pop moments like The Reeling or Little Secrets and is now ready to turn even more into the spotlight of mainstreams attention.

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“It’s non-fiction, but dramatized. It’s euphoric pain” summarizes Angelakos the sound and vision of his music and band. The new record Gossamer is everything Manners was but supplemented with even more. More pop, more big gestures, more production, more hits, more self-esteem. From the ramming opener Take A Walk to the wild endorphine overdosed I’ll Be Alright up to the catchy Carried Away. Right from the start PASSION PIT make clear that they aren’t interested in stepping back, that they won’t make compromises, that they embrace life in all it’s disgusting and fantastic glory and write songs about this struggle. There’s clearly a certain sense of desperation between the escapism of those overdosed pop anthems – Michael does not make a secret out of this. But this record is the closest to his soul as possible even If the message sometimes hurts like in the bittersweet Love Is Greed.

But honesty is just one of Angelakos’ strengths: “this music is so on point with myself, I don’t know that I could do it any other way.” The only accusation you can make Gossamer is probably the fact that it is a bit too much of everything – even more synthie layers, choirs and euphoric moments then the debut. But on the other hand – wasn’t that just the point of making this record? Finding solace in the moments of desperation with music that uplifts you and acts like a guiding light. Or to quote Michael in the lovely song On My Way: “Just believe in me Kristina, all these demons, I can beat ’em.” This is the vision and the spirit of PASSION PIT. All we have to do is raise our arms and voices and dance through this desperate world. Although this might seem a bit too obvious – even for those guys.


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indie/ pop
from Cambdridge, USA


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