PETULA - album cover 2013

PETULADon’t Forget Me Petula! Don’t Forget Everything. Petula!

1. Sllr
2. Marry Me 1
3. A Circle Is A Lover’s Straight
4. Laika
5. Dog
6. Talking In Landslides
7. November 4
8. Sing!
9. Juri
10. Ik Kann Niet Meer Het Is Teveel
11. All We Ever Want Is Time Out Alone, All We Ever Want Is To Forget This

“Give me a light / give me a dream / give me a reason.” – So much to give. But it is a good deal if you give it to the man who is singing these words. Because he will give you 44 minutes of finest and inspiring experimental loop music. Sebastian Cleemann is the man and head behind PETULA. He decided to do his own stuff besides playing in bands like KATE MOSH, JAN FISCHER ERF and also as a special guest in SDNMT. After a few EP’s, his second album, Don’t Forget Me Petula! Don’t Forget Everything. Petula! is out on DIA Records and the 11 songs of that album were mastered by no one else than NILS FRAHM.

Don’t Forget Me Petula! Don’t Forget Everything. Petula! is an album about oblivion in every single version. PETULA is searching for the reason of emptiness, but he forgets (again). Then you can hear how he found out everything just to recognize, that in the next song everything you heard before and you thought you know and learned was nothing but a heartbeat. But some things you can’t forget. Like the feelings these songs give you. – “We kiss and try to forget”

With surprising facility the songs will enter your mind and catch up on artist likes XIU XIUSHOUT OUT LOUDS or TUNE-YARDS“It’s about loop tectonics, honey-y melody and the occasional clicky beat. It’s all action, drama, beauty – it’s all well buried under layers’n’layers of microsound.” – This is the way he describes his music. From friskiness in songs like A circle is a Lover’s Straight to choral-symphonic power in Talking In LandslidesPETULA drifts to hard noisy soundpatterns in Sing!. A little piece of everything makes this personal trip to a very special album for everyone who is into loop and noise experiences as much as Mr. Sebastian Cleemann aka. PETULA is.



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