Round about ten years I came to Berlin to study, work and live here. In the first couple of years one of Boa’s songs was a constant companion whenever I was out in clubs. And she kissed her from his 1991st album Helios aroused strange feelings inside me. I felt homesick and at the same time I felt joy for my new life in this freaky city. And so it’s like if an old friend comes around the corner and says hello when PHILLIP BOA AND THE VOODOOCLUB release their new album Loyalty. First of all, I like the album title, because in some cases you have to feel loyalty, if you want to go for the entire work of PHILLIP BOA. In my opinion, he isn’t an easy listening musician.

Boa founded the band in 1985 and in his music blend in influences of British punk rock and new wave. Together with the band member Pia Lund he creates catchy choruses, which get filled up with atmospheric shifts. Boa’s and Lund’s voices and their manner of singing can’t be more different, but it’s this strange kind of contrariety that makes this music so special and in some cases loveable.

For his new album PHILLIP BOA got some brilliant musicians on board. Among others (and a highlight for me) the fabulous drummer Brian Viglione – THE DRESDEN DOLLS , studio drummer of NINE INCH NAILS – takes part as co-producer in it. And in one of my favorite songs, Lobster in the fog, Viglione points out what he means by living his passion.

The album starts with an inviting song. Boa begs you to sing the Black Symphony with him. I couldn’t help laughing about this. Can there be anything better than a song that makes you feel happy?

The entire album is nice mixture of different types of music. Punk guitars come together with synths, in some songs stringed instruments come up and all this in a typical PHILLIP BOA kind of way.

But there is something new in this album: it’s glowing, fresh and impelling. You will find it if you get oneself into the world of PHILLIP BOA AND THE VOODOOCLUB.


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alternative / indie / rock
from Germany


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