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PINBACKInformation Retrieved

01. Proceed to Memory
02. Glide
03. Drawstring
04. Sherman
05. His Phase
06. Diminished
07. True North
08. A Request
09. Denslow, You Idiot!
10. Sediment

Information Retrieved is the fifth studio album by alternative rock band PINBACK and their first album in five years.
Shortly the band released their new music video to the song Sherman which was directed by Matt Hoyt without any special effects, and mainly inspired by low-budget movies of the Cold War era. Especially the 1962 sci-fi film Planeta Bur was a big influence of the video. Earlier the songs Proceed To Memory and His Phase were released as singles and it became clear that Information Retrieved might be the – to date – most mature and best album by the band from Seattle.

But is it really like this? To make the long story short: yes, PINBACK‘s new album, Information Retrieved is the best they recorded and released in their band history. No matter if you are a fan of the debut album This Is A Pinback, or the 2007 Autumn Of The Seraphes, the Blue Screen Life (2001) or the Summer In Abaddon (2007), one thing is for sure: with Information Retrieved PINBACK brought an album that you definitely will fall in love with. Even if you never heard about this band before: this one is for you!


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alternative rock
from Seattle, USA


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