R.ROO – the mastermind

R.ROO (aka. RUGAROO) is an emerging young talent from Kyiv, Ukraine with an enormous creative output. He combines beauty and beats with clever sound exerimentation and proved to be a mastermind on this area through 5 releases in less than two years!
His latest album was released in February. Reason why we talk about this record now? Quite easy: R.ROO just signed to Tympanik Audio – which also is the home for fine acts like DIRK GEIGER, ACCESS TO ARASAKA and KNOWN REBEL.

The story so far

With eight years of formal musical training, R.ROO became completely devoted to composing intricate piano melodies and ultimately ignited his desire to share his gift with listeners. His first project Lie Collectors was a reflection of his own thoughts about the world and human being’s place in it.
As RUGAROO’s interest in electronic music grew he began to realize the need for a new outlet for his growing collection of works. In May 2010 he co-founded the ambient / IDM project Sound Wave Pressure, honing his skills in melody writing and drum sampling. It wasn’t long before R.ROO had started breathing on it’s own and began to take form.
While first co-founding the netlabel Someone Records in 2011, R.ROO showed his abundant consistency for hatching engaging electronic music by unleashing 4 releases on 4 seperate labels throughout the year. While quickly gaining recognition and momentum in the dark IDM scene, R.ROO released his fourth full-length album, There Is No Yesterday And No Tomorrow, on Abstrakt Reflections in early 2012.

The future

Even if his last record told that there is no tomorrow, R.ROO finally crosses the Tympanik Audio threshold who will release his new album titled Mgnovenie. With equal focus on atmosphere and beats, R.ROO creates a definitive sound that grips and pulls on the unsuspecting listener. Shadowed in soulful piano movements, twitches of violin, random static and strange radio voices, accented perfectly by crushing beats and a meticulous stitching of glitchy misfires, Mgnovenie (“The Moment”) proves itself as the ideal soundtrack for intentional mental defections.

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There Is No Yesterday And No Tomorrow

Since it will probably take some until Mgnovenie will be released we want you to listen to this genius’ latest album, There Is No Yesterday And No Tomorrow. What’s the story behind this album? Well, there’s no yesterday, no tomorrow, only the odd moment of now. “This moment. I see your breath and my pulse. I’m impulsive. Or it seems to me . I’m in motion. I am the motion by myself. And you are yourself so completely. But forget about your human appearance. And the face you find in the mirror – You’re just you. Simply you. Slowly you. Unboundly you. Uncanny you. You are your breath. And movement. And wind. Feel the complex structure of yourself. And scrutinize every atomic part – your self in each. Just in this moment, divided and flying. And strange. There’s no yesterday in your world. No tomorrow. No today. No day and no night. Only now exists. And you flow in it like in tepid caressing river.”
R.ROO – you make the moment worth living! We are looking forward to Mgnovenie>


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IDM / glitch / ambient
from Kyiv, Ukraine


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