Next week, from Sep 20-22, one of Germany’s most important festivals will take place in Hamburg: the Reeperbahnfestival. Of course we will be there for you!
But why is Hamburg’s Reeperbahnfestival important?Why will be there? What can we expect, what can you expect and with what will we come back from there? You know we from NBHAP are always interested in bringing a bit more than just music to you, so let’s take a look at the festival.

Why the Reeperbahnfestival is more than just another festival

First of all the Reeperbahnfestival is about much more than music. Within 3 days there will be more then 350 events in 50 locations. Reeperbahnfestival MUSIC is about a lot of concerts – big ones and small ones. From big commercial artists to showcase events with small unknown artists. The aim is to combine both small and big artists in one huge event. But how can showcase events with unknown artists work so that they get recognition and will not be that unknown anymore after the festival? Well, pretty easy: There will be a lot of music-professionals – agencies, labels, managements and of course press.
Not only that they come there to find new acts for their label or agency or discover “the next big thing”, they also come there to participate at Reeperbahnfestival Campus, which is quite similar to the “Word On Sound” program at the Berlin Music Week – talks, discussions, seminars and workshops from music-professionals for music-professionals, because also in the music-business it is all about life-long-learning. Furthermore these are great events to strengthen contacts and make new ones, because also in the music business it is all about networking.
The third part of the festival is ARTS – which is neither about music nor about seminars, but about – how the topic tells – arts. And we all know that the “earth” without “art” is just “eh” – guess nobody wants the world to be like “eh”, right?
Convinced that the Reeperbahnfestival is important for the music scene? Well, we are!

What to expect at Reeperbahnfestival

What do we expect and what can you expect from this festival in Northern Germany. We expect to learn a lot of things at the CAMPUS events and get to know a lot of new people with whom together we hopefully can take the project NBHAP even further. But we also are looking forward to see great arts and amazing concerts.
Just to name some of the artists we are looking forward to see:

2:54, , TOY, JONATHAN BOULET, CORREATWON, HANNE KOLSTØ (with whom we had a great talk at this year’s (read our interview here), I GOT YOU ON TAPE (read our interview here), WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS, BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH, ALAMO RACE TRACK, REPTILE YOUTH, FUN, BLAUDZUN, JAPANDROIDS, EVENING HYMNS and THE WOODEN SKY (with whom we recently fell in love at the Berlin Music Week), HONIG, WINTERSLEEP, PERFUME GENIUS, BEN CAPLAN, CROCODILES, RANGLEKLODS (read our interview here), EINAR STRAY, ELECTRI GUEST, ASBJØRN (read our interview here), CLOCK OPERA, INDIANS, NIGEL WRIGHT, IIRIS, ARKELLS, IMMANU EL, SKIP&DIE, THE TEMPER TRAP, BOHO DANCER (read our interview here) and a lot more.
Don’t need to say that we will come back with a big festival-report and tons of interviews, right?

Hamburg, we are already in love with you, so we are happy to visit your Reeperbahnfestival next week. Anticipation!