Have you ever thought about if there are black swans out there? Probably no one ever saw one, but we can’t say all swans are black, because MAYBE there is a black one somewhere out there. And what if the black swan who hasn’t been seen by anyone by now was born white? The Danish electropop act REPTILE YOUTH released a song with the title Black Swan Born White – to be honest: it is more than just a song, it is a hit. How can I say this is a hit? Well…just listen to it. Bet you will shake your bones to it and won’t be able to sit still? Bet the melody of this hook won’t leave you for a while? Challenge accepted? Further Black Swan Born White was remixed by several artists. Two of these versions even got great videos. Check out the remixes by S.C.U.M. and KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS.

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Aren’t both versions simply amazing? Aren’t both versions great? Like all the other remixes on the single, too. TERRANOVA and MARK E did great house-remixes and all in all the single features six versions of one and the same song. The original version and five amazing remixes. Six times the same song and still they couldn’t be more different. I really don’t remember when I listened to the same song that often without thinking about that it is the same song again and again. Quiet like watching swans without thinking that each of them is white, because they are so different in their details. REPTILE YOUTH show what it means to write a song that works in a lot of different versions. And S.C.U.M., KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS, TERRANOVA and MARK E show that they are able to give a great song great new facets by remixing it. Quite like watching a white swan getting black by watching it in different states of its metamorphosis. What REPTILE YOUTH show with their new single is that the Black Swan Born White is in all of us.


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from Copenhagen, Denmark


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