Riot grrrls want to be heard, so they speak up. They want to be seen, so they dress up. They want you to open your eyes, so watch them and also better watch it, ‘cause it’s gonna kick your ass – in a fun way though! ROBOTS IN DISGUISE are here, do you hear me?!

ROBOTS IN DISGUISE are fronted by Dee Plume (guitar and vocals) and Sue Denim (bass and vocals), two lovely brats that are part riot grrl princesses, part monsters of a DIY musical havoc. They create funky electro-indie-rock-dance music with haunting melodies. These grrrls are music and fashion insurgents, you can immediately tell when you take a look at their sassy style and listen to their “tell-it-like-it-is” lyrics. At their energetic shows, Dee’s guitar and Sue’s grooving bass lines dance over heavy electronic beats, thereby creating sounds that are as effective as clashing colors.

The Robots first met at a LE TIGRE gig in the year of the millennium and soon discovered a mutual passion for girl punk bands and so started writing music together. In the same year, their first limited EP Mix Up Words And Sounds, was released, whereupon the NME magazine called them the “worst band in Britain.” However, they gained a huge fan base on the European main land and so the duo was signed by the French label Recall. In 2004, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE released their eponymous debut album, which caused a true rapture and after which they took their wild live show on tour, first in Europe, then in America. I assume you won’t be surprised to read that they even threw self-made buttons and ornate condoms into the audience. Their second studio album Get RID was released in 2005, followed by We’re in the Music Biz in 2008, showing the grrrl topless and body-painted on the album cover.

In 2008, they started to record their fourth album Happiness Vs. Sadness, but ran out of money to complete it near the end of 2009. To support the project financially, they relied on pledges of fans, and with 138% of their actual pledge goal met by fans they finally released the album in fall 2011. Their fans received personal phone calls in return for their help; some of them even joined the grrrls for an exclusive bicycle tour or watched their shows on stage. Undoubtedly, the best gift is the 10-track album itself though. The first single release Chains has such a catchy tune, listen to it now and lalala forever.


To me, the whole album is a perfect mix of all-out electro punk and catchy indie pop, danceable, irresistible, and challenging. Nothing for the weak and ordinary, only as a little heads-up for you curious listeners out there! The peppy Hey Whatcha Say will make you go nuts on the dance floor, whereas the lyrics of Let’s Get Friendly have the potential to arouse some deeper melancholy.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see them on stage – whether at a squatter’s party or in a hipster club! I’m certain happiness will triumph sadness then.

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electropop / punk
from London, UK


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