Will Samson - Balance - Album Cover


1. Oceans Are Wilder
2. Cathedrals
3. Hunting Shadows
4. Eat Sleep Travel, Repeat
5. Painting A Horizon
6. Music For Autumn
7. Storms Above The Submarine
8. Dusty Old Plane

Balance – isn’t this what we are all about? Being balanced, being happy, decelerated and at the same time not superficial and borin? An exciting life without being stressed – sounds good, right? Probably that’s what WILL SAMSON is about, too. At least the title of his new record, Balance let’s us suppose things like that. The singer-songwriter with the – sometimes Justin Vernon (BON IVER) like – falsetto voice does it all right on this album. Minimalistic music – somewhere between “normal” acoustic singer-songwriter music and ambient music, building up a great dreamy atmosphere and knocking the listener out with a voice that perfects the entire atmosphere. Eight songs to dream away. Eight songs to find you balance to. And if it didn’t work after one listen, just listen to Balance again. If works. Again and again.
WILL SAMSON told: “The recording process of this album was a joyous one, and it is my sincere hope that you may find some happiness within these songs too.” – We did! And if you don’t know his music by now, you will find happiness within these songs soon, too.
But be aware: Once you click play you’ll probably fall in love with the wonderful WILL SAMSON and dream away to his songs. A good deal: it’s all about the balance, right?

And we sing with him
“Come, rest your knee and dream endlessly
it’s just a few hills left to climb
didn’t you leave something behind
that’s invisible but heavier than a mountain.”


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Oxfordshire, England


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