Let’s roll out the red carpet for GET WELL SOON, the German wunderkind who will release his new album Scarlet Beast O’ Seven Heads on August 24. Konstantin Gropper will give you 13 good causes for marking this date in your calendar like I did – 13 new tracks full of the familiar pathos and musical quality we know from his first two albums Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon and Vexations. Beside the common instrumentation consists of guitars, bass and drums the songs work with a great variety of different instruments like trumpets, harp, flutes and bells as well as electronic synth-elements. Konstantin Gropper, who composes and produces his music by his own, has a knack for impressing arrangements. According to his statement about the new art work the album is a desperate attempt not to create an album about the end of the world – but what would GET WELL SOON be without all that weltschmerz?

The apocalypse is omnipresent: first of all already in the title of Let Me Check My Mayan Calendar – an easy-listening instrumental song accompanied by levitating background voices. Nevertheless some songs are almost cheerfully compared to his standard, for example A Gallows which is remindful of swinging summer rhythms. His lyrics gives numerous hints at different more or less prominent people like Henry Darger, an American artist and writer whose most known work is about a fictive planet and its religious inhabitants, or Roland Emmerich, director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. So far about the apocalypse topic… Konstantin Gropper proves his talent for intelligent lyrics linked with affecting melodies again. People who reduce his music to its sorrowful mood didn’t really listen to the sophisticated arrangements and the deeper meaning of the lyrics. In autumn Konstantin Gropper and his comrades will tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland to present the new album Scarlet Beast O’ Seven Heads. If you have a chance to see GET WELL SOON live in concert I absolutely recommend to take the opportunity – it’s more than worth it.


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indie / rock / folk
from Berlin, Germany


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