I really don’t know how many Sub Pop Records I fell in love with until today. But the number surely is three-digit. Now they again released something I can’t stop listening to. The new album by THE SHINS. Yes, THE SHINS – a rather big band. The American indie-rock band which was formed in 1996 and currently consists of James Mercer(vocals, guitar), Joe Plummer (drums), Jessica Dobson (guitar), Yuuki Matthews (bass) and Richard Swift (keyboards) released their fourth full-length album Port Of Morrow this year. Actually too late to still talk about it. But since I simply can’t stop listening to this great piece of music, music that I’m usually not that much into I thought this would even some months after the official release-date still be worth some words.

Furthermore THE SHINS just have released a video to the song It’s Only Life – taken from Ports Of Morrow. So this is your chance to fall in love with them, too. At least if you don’t so far. In the video you are taken on a journey through the woods to an apocalyptic suburb. Cute looking monsters have captured singer James Mercer. Who will rescue him?
If you like It’s Only Life you should check out Port Of Morrow – no monsters will come and capture you. And even if: it’s only life.


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